Colourful mixed media and sculptures, by internationally renowned artist Mauro Perucchetti are currently on display in Anima Gallery. We take a look at what art enthusiasts can find at this cool exhibition…

Resinification showcases a number of colourful, highly selected works – mixed media and sculptures – by Italian artist Mauro Perucchetti. The title of the exhibition ‘Resinification’ is inspired by the artist’s unique use of resin as a main medium for all his artworks. His work unites Pop aesthetics with social comment, addressing some of the most pressing and difficult issues in today’s society in a way that is playful and accessible, without being shocking or obscure. The works on display reflect the contemporary social environment in which we live.


Mauro Perucchetti

Born in Milan in 1949, Mauro has come to his art from a background in design, architecture and extensive travel. He matches social critique with pop aesthetics in his art, and his work demonstrates his astonishing skill, style and wit. A Pop artist for the 21st century, Mauro incorporates familiar icons of today’s culture. Both a master craftsman and a social commentator with his finger on the pulse of contemporary society, Mauro produces innovative and beautifully executed work with a message.

Cloning Factory II

Mauro says: “I have put everything into making my art. I hope that people will connect with the messages and ideas in my work-above all I want to put “art” back into conceptual art. I am inspired by the Masters, and driven by process, technique and style.”

Mauro currently has a public installation in the City of West Hollywood with his Modern Heroes (replica or the original marble life size Batman and Superman) next to the Pacific Design Centre and MOCA. Based in London, he lives with his wife PR Director Lorena Perucchetti who helps promote Mauro internationally. Mauro has achieved international acclaim in recent years with a range of solo and group shows across Europe.


GO: Resinification will run at Anima Gallery until December 30. Visit or call 4002 7437 for more information