FACT catches us with acclaimed DJ, musician and producer Dave Lee, aka Joey Negro, ahead of his gig at the Podium Lounge Abu Dhabi F1 party. Joey Negro will be performing at the post-race party on Sunday, 29th November.

Are you looking forward to performing/playing at the Podium Lounge F1 After Parties in Abu Dhabi?

Yes of course, I always enjoy visiting this part of the world 🙂

You’ve produced music in a broad range of styles and genres, so what kind of set you going to bring to the Podium Lounge Abu Dhabi?

My set is playing with Dimitri From Paris so I imagine it will be mainly disco and house.

What are you currently working on? Can we expect to see any major hits or collaborations for 2016, for example from Jakatta?

I have a new instalment in my Remixed With Love series which is due early 2016, an album which I’ve reworked songs by Grace Jones, Robert Palmer, Gladys Knight plus many more. These have all been done from the original 24 track tapes and a long time has been spent on the licensing and the actual studio work so I’m very much looking forward to finally releasing it. I’m also working on a new Joey Negro album but there are no plans for new Jakatta material.

Due to the wide range of aliases you’ve worked under, it can often be surprising to learn how many well-known tracks were produced by Dave Lee et al. Why so many names?

There have been a lot of different names over the years but nowadays 4 or 5 is enough – The Sunburst Band, Akabu, Doug Willis, Joey Negro and a couple of others. Often the various names is just about putting out lots of singles, sometimes quite close to each other time wise, so realistically it would be more confusing to release them all under one moniker. Musically, there is a big difference (to me anyway) between The Sunburst Band (which a live jazz funk sound) and Akabu (much more electronic and housey) but there are some tracks which could come out under one of a few names.

Some of your most famous house tracks produced under Joey Negro have a very soulful and funky edge to them, are these major influences on your style?

Yes, I love soul, funk and jazz big bands and many other styles, as well as house music. I’m pretty broadminded musically, but one thing I can’t stand is EDM.

Are you an F1 fan? What does the sport mean to you?

I used to love F1 as a kid. I still take a passing interest in it and I’m very glad Lewis Hamilton has done so well, especially as he is a driver who didn’t come from a privileged background.