FACT chats to 8KY 6LU (Sky Blu), one half of chart-topping duo LMFAO, ahead of his live performance at the Podium Lounge VIP F1 Afterparty at the Du Forum. 8KY 6LU will be performing on Saturday 28th November.

Are you looking forward to performing/playing at the Podium Lounge F1 After Parties in Abu Dhabi?

I can’t wait. I love the vibe during the Formula 1, and this being my first time in Abu Dhabi, it adds another level of suspense to the party!

What kind of show are you going to bring to the Podium Lounge Abu Dhabi?

It’s going to be wild! It’s going to be insane! If you have a table, I’m performing at it… or ON it!

Are you an F1 fan? What does the sport mean to you?

I really didn’t know much about the race itself until my manager started breaking it down for me and showing YouTube clips. Much props for the amount of focus and skill these drivers have. The pit crews too!

Have you been to the Gulf before? What are your thoughts on performing here?

I have done a few shows in Dubai in the past, but that’s about it as far as the Gulf goes. So far, I have had a great time at every show. I’m looking forward to doing more in the Gulf soon.

Aside from performing at the Podium Lounge, is there anything else you’re going to be seeing/doing in the UAE?

I’m going to the F1 race, and probably go skydiving in Dubai before I leave.

Do you have any message for the Abu Dhabi F1 party crowd?

Get ready, I’m about to rock!!