Doha’s Dinning scene was abuzz last month as producer and academy award winning actor Rober De Niro and master chef Nobu Matsuhisa, visited our shores for the opening of their stylish new restaurant, Nobu, at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha. FACT Caught up with the stars for an insight on the long-awaited eatery…

Hi! What can you tell us about this much-anticipated new venue in Doha?

Chef Nobu: So now we finally have the Nobu Doha! I’d like to introduce our staff and of course, our food with such a spectacular setting for the restaurant. What can I say? Introduce more of my food! Robert De Niro: I’d just say: come, it’s good food!

Chef Nobu, is this your first time in Qatar?

No. I’ve been here a couple of times before, maybe four times. We have restaurants in Dubai, so I jump on over here to check that everything is ok.

What are your thoughts on Doha’s culinary scene?

Chef Nobu: I know very little about it. Every time I come here, it’s all about Nobu and re-grouping with the staff and making sure the project is heading accordingly.

You both share a long-standing friendship – what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned about or from each other?

Chef Nobu: I learn from Robert all the time. He always has new and different ideas to mine – unique ones. If it’s an idea we like, we go on with it. I don’t know if he learns from me!

Robert de Niro: Not much!

Nobu has been four years in the making – what’s the process been like?

Robert De Niro: It was four years since I pitched him the idea and for the restaurant to be ready. It took about a year to come up with the concept, build the restaurant and so forth. It was a logical amount of time for all the steps to get to the finishing point.

Robert, what made you enter the restaurant business?

I created Tribeca Grill, and partnered with Drew Nieporent. He had a good restaurant at that time, probably a three-star one for New York standards in Tribeca film center. I thought he could be of help for Tribeca Grill

Any plans of opening Hotel Nobu in the Middle East?

Robert De Niro: We are! In fact in Riyadh and Bahrain. We’re also opening one in London, Miami and a lot of other places.



GO: Visit Nobu at the Four Seasons Hotel Doha. Call 4494 8500 or visit

www.noburesta for reservations and more information .