Oliveto Bahrain has become popular for its delectable dining options and its stunning venue. For those of you who love italian cuisine at its best, you’ll be pleased to know that Oliveto has two amazing foodie happenings to look forward to this month; A brand new menu and a tuscany promotion. We learn more about both…

Both Executive Chef Giuseppe Zanotti and Chef de Cuisine Gianmaria Le Mura, worked over a period of three months to perfect the brand new dishes on the Oliveto menu, available to diners from January. Taking classic Italian recipes, the new dishes attain a delicious simplicity, yet with a modern twist. Take one of the new appetisers – Vitello tonnato, capperi croccanti, salsa tonnata scomposta cristalli di basilica – or to simply put it – Poached Veal, Tuna Caper Sauce. Usually, this dish consists of sliced meat with the sauce poured over it. But, at Oliveto, it’s been given a new lease of life.                     
Chef Gianmaria tells us: “This is a very traditional appetiser in Italy which is normally served cold in the summer time. Ours is different. Now we are in the winter so we will be serving it warmer, not hot, just warm, and instead of pouring the sauce over the top, we put it on the bottom of the plate.”


The chef duo is definitely bringing their own contemporary spin to traditional Italian dishes. “Stick to the traditions, stick to the basics, stick to the taste, but give it a modern twist,” says Chef Giuseppe. Another dish that guests should try off the new menu, especially if you love seafood, is Gnocchi ai frutti di mare, zafferano, zest di limone, pomodorini – Homemade Gnocchi, Saffron, Seafood. Interestingly, the use of Saffron here is not only to give locals a taste that they love, but, as Chef Gianmaria explains, it’s about the essence of the ingredient. “Saffron is great for its colour, for its flavour, especially with seafood, and for the presentation,” he says. For the chefs, the strongest component of the new menu is the flavour and taste of every dish, some of which are a result of great feedback from customers who enjoyed the dishes during special dining promotions at Oliveto.

And that’s what the restaurant and its new menu is all about – putting an innovative touch on real Italian cuisine – to give diners a homely food experience that Italy is so famous for, as well as catering to the diverse palates of Bahrain’s foodie community.

From January 15 to 24, Oliveto will be running a fantastic dining promotion that promises to take diners to the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany. Dishes will be incredibly authentic, showcasing the best ingredients from the Tuscany region. “The purpose of any dining promotion is to create an atmosphere and an experience in this part of the world,” says Chef Giuseppe. “So for this promotion we could have music from Tuscany, maybe the waiters will be dressed in traditional Tuscan wear, we want the guest to feel like they are in Tuscany just for that little while.


Not only is Tuscany famous for its artistic treasures like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, it’s also renowned for a multitude of ingredients like virgin olive oil, the fiorentina meat and, for Chef Gianmaria, the beautiful bread. “Tuscan cooking is very traditional with many old recipes,” says Chef Gianmaria.

“We repurpose these for contemporary life. One famous ingredient is the flour for the bread. Tuscan food, for me, is the most important food in the whole of Italy.” The Tuscany promotion will have a few appetisers, mains and desserts for guests to choose from, so if you fancy an excellent dining experience without travelling too far, check out this great celebration of Italian food at Oliveto Bahrain.

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