Italian cuisine somewhat reigns over the food market in Bahrain, with top-notch ingredients, tasty flavours, and traditional dishes, diners just can’t seem to get enough. One place that is helping to keep Italian fare at the forefront of the foodie community is Medzo, at the InterContinental Regency Bahrain. We went to check out the fabulous menu…

If there’s one thing there’s plenty of in Bahrain, it’s Italian restaurants. The cuisine is one of the most popular in the country with everything from pizza, pasta, risotto, tiramisu and so much more being consumed with gusto. But, far from the fast-food offerings, there are only a handful of excellent fine dining restaurants that serve up hearty food from different regions of Italy.

“we specialise in authentic italian cuisine. for us, cooking is the art of pleasure, where the flavour counts above all the rest. our first priority is delivering real italian cuisine with our chef’s modern twist” – medzo.

Medzo, at the InterContinental Regency Bahrain, just happens to be one of those. Located on the mezzanine floor of the five-star hotel, Medzo draws guests from the more discerning side of the dining demographic. The venue boasts contemporary décor with the perfect lighting for an intimate setting. The open-kitchen style set up adds a touch of showmanship and authenticity to the dining experience – we like it!

At Medzo, it’s flavour that counts above all the rest. The chef and his team strive to deliver real Italian cuisine with their own modern twist. We’re intrigued, and can’t wait to tuck in! To begin with, we go for two antipasti options; the Parmigiana made up of grilled eggplant with tomato sauce and mixed cheese; and the Crostone al pomodoro, toasted bread topped with fresh tomatoes, garlic, black olives and buffalo mozzarella.

We LOVE the big white plates that the food is served on. The presentation is clean, simple and very appealing. The parmigiana is as tasty as you’d expect, with just the right amount of sauce and cheese – delicious. The latter appetiser has everyone saying ‘mmmh’ – it’s fresh, light and all the components of the dish together, make for an exquisite bite! We also shared the Caciucco from the Zuppe section. This traditional Italian mixed seafood soup is the perfect winter warmer dish on a chilly day (we’ve had a few of those recently)

medzo-4The main courses triggered just as much praise and surprise! The Caserecce allo scoglio – casarecce pasta with mixed fresh seafood sauce – was simply the epitome of Italian cuisine on a plate. Though it’s a little heavy, which we didn’t mind at all, the portion is generously packed with a variety of seafood including our favourites, shrimp and clams. We devoured it in minutes!

Next up were two meaty mains; the Lasagna aperta and the Scottadito in crosta di mandorle, which is almond crusted lamb chop served with mash potato spinach and cherry tomato. Both were equally impressive in presentation and taste. The first was, hands down, one of the best lasagnas we’ve tasted in Bahrain, and the second was spectacularly rich and juicy, though needed a little sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste. When it came to dessert, and as many at the table have a real sweet tooth, we were thrilled to try the Tiramisu del bosco and the Torta di nocciole. The first of the two wasn’t your usual tiramisu, and we were pleasantly surprised.

medzo-2Crispy wafer-like pastry, cream and mixed berries made up this delightful dessert – it was SO good. The last one is definitely one for cake lovers – hazelnut in this case – served with cream and vanilla ice cream. A fail safe crowd pleaser Yes, Bahrain has many Italian restaurants, and yes, many of them do good food. However, Medzo manages to combine the striking aromas and essence of Italian culture and heritage, with great service, a beautiful modern eatery and a five-star location. Now, when you’re looking for a fine-dining lunch or dinner that won’t disappoint, this place should definitely be at the top of your list!

GO: Visit Medzo at InterContinental Regency Bahrain. Call 1722 7777 for reservations and more information.