As part of the four-day Commercial Bank Qatar Masters, Scottish rock legends Simple Minds will be taking to the stage for a thrilling live performance. We caught up with Jim Kerr & Co ahead of the concert, to talk biggest hits and successful music careers…

Hi guys! What can the audience expect from your gig at Commercial Bank Qatar Masters?

We hope to deliver an amazing gig, and we look forward to playing all our classic hits. The crowd can expect a great energetic show.

What’s the song that tends to go down best with the crowd?

There are probably two or three songs that usually get the crowds roaring. You know those energetic songs like Alive and Kicking and Don’t You Forget About Me and such. Songs that people can sing along to are usually the most popular and in demand at live shows. I mean, of course, the opening song always is a big deal and the end song is a big deal to ensure an energetic performance. But one of the things I’d say that completes the experience is the energy between Simple Minds and the crowds. There is a connection there and that’s always something we look forward to.

What is your motivation to keep making and playing music?

It’s who we are. It’s what we do. It’s how we were born and raised;we’ve been creative since we were kids. It’s not something you get to a level where you’re like “right, I’m going to do five more.” I was up this morning at 5am working on a piece of music that was running through my mind. Like a kid working on a puzzle, I wanted to get into it and taht’s how I’ve been since I can remember and I don’t think that’ll ever change.

How has your music changed and developed over the years?

My God! I mean 40 years, and in that time our music has developed immensely. I don’t really know how it’s changed. But the thing about Simple Minds is we started as a nice rock band then we became a big pop band that some people will call it stadium. We also have some electro people who are influenced by the band and a bit of Celtic music and yet, intrinsically, through it all we are still Simple Minds. We are a fusion of everything and that is what makes us sound like ourselves, Simple Minds.

How do you decide which songs to release?

What we do is look for things that would work live; it would be focused and have all the main ingredients to make an amazing song. As well, as I mentioned before, we have a great team that helps us make decisions.

Who are your musical influences and why are these people particularly special to you?

It usually comes down to people who were great performers. People like David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, and Rolling Stones, who we saw when we were young, The Who, Pattie Smith, and Chrissie Hynde; usually people who were great on stage.

What’s been the secret to the longevity of Simple Minds?

We’re a great team but there are so many factors aside from talent. There is the desire to keep playing music, to continue to maintain through successful times as well as through times where your life isn’t necessary at its best. You just keep doing it!

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