Currently on display at Katara Art Centre (KAC) in association with Al Markhiya Gallery, is an exhibition showcasing the work of renowned Palestinian artist Mohammed Al-Hawajri. As a, predominantly, self-taught artist, Mohammed’s work speaks volumes about the realities of Gaza…

Mohammed Al-Hawajri has a keen interest in modern art, which comes from his belief that technology has a great and influential role in creativity, in particular in the field of visual arts. “The circumstances I live in, which have been turned into works of modern art, are inspirational and its subjects plentiful,” Mohammed says.”Painting, video, photography and techniquest of modern art are used in the manner I want to address and present to my viewers.”


Mohammed’s subject matter is allusions to the circumstances he lives in, and to the way in which the people of Gaza are living, daily, being subjected to fluctuating political, and economic and social conditions. These changes are reflected in Mohammed’s artworks, which you can see at KAC.
Born in 1976, at Al Bureji refugee camp, Mohammed lives and works in Gaza, and he’s also one of the founders of Eltiqa group, which focuses on the convergence of contemporary art by helping to organise exhibitions and workshops showcasing modern art.


Mohammed’s work has been displayed in solo and group exhibitions both locally and internationally, and in his work you’ll see a distinct approach to human expression, characters and behaviour “I am always searching for new possibilities, dialogue and techniques to build my thoughts, which emerge from an, often, bitter reality,” Mohammed says. “It is my wish to transform those circumstances into critical and sometimes sarcastic interventions. “I intend the critical sarcasm to be a tool to draw people closer to my reality and thereby allow my viewers a vantage point from which to relate and deal with important human concerns,” he adds.


GO: Mohammed Al-Hawajri’s exhibition at Katara Art Centre will run until January 16.