We’ve been to many restaurants in doha, yet Mamig had us captivated from the
minute we stepped in. the Fact team was treated to exquisite Lebanese and armenian cuisine by Chef Zarmig and her team, here’s everything you need to know about the beautiful dining experience that awaits at Mamig…

We were pleasantly surprised as we made our way into the beautiful and charming Mamig restaurant, located in Katara Cultural Village, and offering exquisite Lebanese and Armenian cuisine; it’s a sophisticated venue that has become a favourite foodie hotspot for many locals who flock there for authentic fare and, now, as the cool weather permits, to while away the hours with good food and drinks at the outdoor terrace. Mamig has a chic and quirky charm, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

LK8A3479Decorated in a style reminiscent of Armenian culture, with a a strong Lebanese touch, this fabulous venue does a great job of combining two divine cuisines, yet giving each equal attention. Everything is harmoniously in place and appealing to the eye.

Let’s get to business. Since food is the specialty at Mamig, which offers fresh, succulent choices, we couldn’t wait to dig in! We must mention, the entire kitchen team is made up of Armenian and Lebanese chefs, providing added authenticity to whole food experience. First out to the table was the famous Matzounov Kebab; a grilled meat dish with tasty spices, walnuts, and yoghurt with garlic. Think east meets west – this dish was popping with flavour and texture and we absolutely adored the lavish bread that came with it.


Next up was the Armenian Kebbe, a perfect sharing dish, it’s a concoction of chopped onions, garlic, minced beef, walnuts, pomegranate, molasses and other tangy spices. This is then fried and the end result is a hearty and flavoursome dish that is sure to please all meat lovers.

Armenian kebbe

With our bellies battling to make space for more (everything was just that good!) we later tried the famous Mante. Served hot with an intriguing presentation, this dish is all about the combination of beef, lamb, onion, spices, tomato sauce, yogurt and dough. This impressive dish is polished off with glee, and we’re left with a new favourite on the menu. For those who love the traditional kebab, Mamig also offers a mouthwatering Fishne Kebab, which is a mix of minced lamb, cinnamon and spices, all grilled to perfection, it’s just divine.

We are almost ready to pop, but to round off the fantastic meal a sweet dish is a must. Out comes the Sari Boorma with a delectable filling of walnuts, cinnamon, and sugar, which is presented in a roll.

This is truly heaven on a plate for dessert lovers! Trying not to count the calories, and with our tummies full, on the way home we were already planning our next visit to this epicurean hotspot… we’ll see
you there!.


Go: Mamig Restaurant is located at Katara Cultural Village, Building #2. Call 4408 0800 for reservations and more information.