Bringing a fresh and cool foodie concept to the capital’s dining scene is the brand new Street Food evening at Doha Marriott hotel. FACT caught up with Executive Chef Oliver Weber to learn all about this delicious new treat…

street_chefWhat is street food ? If you find yourself asking this question, let us fill you in! Street food is exactly that; tasty, ready-to-eat food and drink that is available in public spaces, such as at a food fair or from a vendor on the street or a market. Typically, this kind of food is sold from a portable stall or cart.

So, what makes it special? Street food has the power to make or break a place, for example, it is usually where you’ll find authentic home-style, or unusual and unique recipes, cooked in minutes for you to enjoy. People go for street food for a number of reasons; it’s quick, usually inexpensive, and in many countries it’s a way of sampling local flavours in an exotic setting. It’s also a great way to experience new cuisines, and if it’s street food at home, then you’re supporting small local businesses too. Now, how do you bring this diverse yet definitive food concept to one of Doha’s top hotels, keeping things simple and fun? Chef Oliver Weber has the answer! He and the Doha Marriott Hotel culinary team have put together a Street Food evening, taking place every Thursday, where diners are truly able to experience an around-the-world journey with every bite.

“That’s the beauty of this hotel, all the restaurants are lined up with this hall in the middle, and they all represent different countries and different flavours,” Chef Oliver says. “When I started to think about the concept, I put together all of my experiences and inspirations from all over the world, and that’s how the street food theme came about.”

The surrounding is casual with different stations set up for each cuisine – much like a vendor-style setting. You’re encouraged to try the food there and then, much like eating from the streets, where plates are not the norm. Instead, you’ll be given a tray and you can walk around to each station, tell them what you want, watch it being prepared in front of you, and then it’s wrapped up and ready to go – JUST like they do on the streets! “I love travelling,” Chef Oliver tells us. “I think I’ve visited around 60 countries up until now, and I can tell you that if you really want to try their authentic cuisine, the streets is the place to go. This is where you really get an insight into what that country has to offer,” he adds.

Each of Doha Marriott’s restaurants takes part with a live cooking station. That means that you can savour everything from Asian cuisine to Indian foodie favourites, and delicious offerings of Seafood as well as the Latin flavours of Mexico. Chef Oliver says: “It’s a concept that no one is doing right now in Doha and that is what sets us apart from our competitors. “At the minute, this is my baby,” he continues. “Every hotel has different plans and events going on, and with time they can get lost. So, we decided to stick to one thing this year and do it big!”



GO: Street Food at Doha Marriott Hotel takes place every Thursday from 6.30pm to 11.30pm. Call 4429 8888 for more information about this fun evening.