It’s got a royal name and a royal menu, but how is the cuisine at this grand venue? FACT went to check out Royal Tandoor restaurant to rate its popular Indian fare…

This is not your typical Indian dining destination; Royal Tandoor is packed with locals and expats at the time of our visit, and we’re pleasantly surprised to find out how the Indian food and fine dining experience, here, really appeals to so many different palates. The venue, we learn, has been designed to reflect the elegant Nawabi lifestyle, whilst the recipes are an ode to the 200-year-old culinary heritage first created in the kitchens of the Nawabs of Awadh, as Royal Tandoor serves up Awadhi cuisine.


The menu offers a rich array of succulent and juicy kebabs, mouthwatering curries and delectable biryanis, made using the freshest ingredients, spices and herbs. We quickly learned that flavour is what drives this mouthwatering cuisine. To recall, the Royal Chilli Garlic Prawns were exquisite, and we’re still salivating over the Classic Lamb Biryani. But let’s rewind back to our delicious dining experience at Royal Tandoor, located at The Pearl-Qatar.

Royal Chili Garlic Prawns (1)

With a regal, ornate entrance, made up of wooden touches, you’ll find that Royal Tandoor is a beautifully intimate venue. Lavish curtains, intricate furnishings and long pillars make up this grand place that was established back in 2012. Alongside contemporary Indian cuisine, the venue boasts magnificent views of The Pearl and its picturesque surroundings. You can make the most of this setting by dining al fresco, and if you want a more personal foodie experience, you can request to be seated in one of the private dining areas.

Samundari Saunfia Salan v1 (1)

We started our taste tour of India with a seafood dish, Samundari Saunfia Salan. Perfect for sharing, the presentation was on point, but, more importantly, the flavours were outstanding. We loved the use of fresh fennel in this signature dish, priced at QR250. Carrying along this exotic savoury journey, next up were the delectable Royal Chilli Garlic Prawns; plump prawns basted with cilantro and garlic chilli. They were juicy and filling (QR135). As if that wasn’t enough, we also went for the Badshahi Gosht Biryani: a classic lamb biryani done in the restaurant’s signature style. We loved the presentation with the deep red lamb chops set on top of the biryani rice – it was like nothing we’ve ever seen in Doha before! Take our word for it; it tasted just as excellent as it looked. For QR70, we’ll definitely be back just for this!


Royal Tandoor is open daily from 11am to 11.30pm, making it a great spot for lunch and dinner, and they deliver all over Doha too. On weekends, the venue is open an extra half an hour! If The Pearl is not within reach for some, you’ll be pleased to know that Royal Tandoor has venues in Ezdan Mall, Souq Waqif and Al Saad. In “royal” standards, we’re giving this palate-satisfying place a very noble 10 out of 10!