If you’ve got a sweet tooth or enjoy the occasional yummy dessert, you’ll
want to check out the new cake offerings at Noor Lounge, InterContinental
Regency Bahrain. FACT meets the hotel’s new Junior Pastry Chef, Varun
Kanwal, to see what he’s cooking up in the cold kitchen…

Chef Varun started cooking at home with his mum and later developed an interest in cooking which led him to attend culinary school and complete a degree in hotel management in Kolkata,

When we sit down for a chat with Chef Varun and gear up to taste the delicious cakes that will become new additions at the InterContinental Regency Bahrain’s Noor Lounge, we’re immediately in awe. The presentation of the cakes is, to say the least, very very unique!

Let’s start with one of our favourites, and definitely the most creative, unusual and innovative choice of the bunch – theAztec Cake, a.k.a. the Popcorn Cake. It’s a heavenly mix of chocolate mousse with a touch of praline and a nice crunchy base, amongst other mouth watering ngredients. We could eat this every day with a hot cup of tea!

It’s clear that Chef Varun’s goal here is to enhance the dessert offerings and currently, the menu will see additions such as chocolate baklava with Arabic mistika ice cream, trio of tiramisu, green
apple tarte tatin, a great array of cakes, and many more delicious delights.

“My philosophy and approach towards work is that I want to be the kind of Pastry Chef who can help people feel comfortable in the kitchen,” Chef Varun tells us. “I want people to find their need in the kitchen and I want to empower them to go forth and bake, fearlessly. Or at least a little less fearfully.”

We learn that Chef Varun’s forte is chocolate, and we get to try this firsthand with the exquisite Spiced Chocolate Cake. Packed with cinnamon, chocolate, cardamom and nutmeg, amongst other tasty treats, this cake is screaming with flavour and we love it. It’s also glutenfree – double bonus!

The White Chocolate Mocha Cake is his signature dish, and we can see why! The sponge is fluffy and the flavours are exciting with every spoonful. We feel the same way about the deliciously tart Red Velvet Cake, the beautifully-layered Honey Cake and the crunchy textures of the Classic Cheesecake – all incredibly satisfying to taste!

“The best thing about being a pastry chef is that it’s a wonderful career choice for anyone who has artistic, logical and creative ideas,” Chef Varun says. “It’s a career with rich opportunities and you get to make beautiful desserts!”

One of the standouts for us was the Passion Fruit Gateau – the combination of chocolate and passion fruit proved to be a hit as the flavours are bursting with every bite and there’s a rice crispy crunch
that makes it all the more scrumptious. Though Noor Lounge is the main place that Chef Varun’s creations will be sold, they will also be available at the all-day dining Selections Restaurant where you’ll
find that the lunch buffet’s dessert counter will be completely refreshed with these new yummy additions. On top of this, the desserts will also be included into the hotel’s business meeting packages and offered during tea and coffee breaks.

Chef Varun treats his cakes like a piece of art and he’s also quite the pro at sugar monuments, which you’ll see more of, on display around the hotel. With so many sweet skills (pun intended) we’re sure that Chef Varun and his team will keep Bahrain’s dessert lovers very happy!


GO: Visit Noor Lounge at InterContinental Regency Bahrain. Call 1722 7777 for reservations and more information.