80 days , 120 venues, 120 meals, zero added kilos – an epic foodie and charity challenge by FACT CEO Greg Hughes…

120 Challenge 5

If you were a little confused by our cover this month, then perhaps this will clear it up for you. Last year’s inaugural FACT Dining Awards in Abu Dhabi was a lot of fun. Perhaps the most fun was the 120 Venue Selfie Challenge, which quite literally put the team in every nominated venue in a single day in one epic endurance 11-hour road trip the length and breadth of Abu Dhabi.

To take things a step further this year, FACT CEO Greg Hughes is eating a meal at every single nominated venue before the awards ceremony on April 19. Now before you think Greg is just using this as an excuse to eat the finest food in the capital, you’ll be happy to know that for every venue he ticks off the list, he is donating AED100 to charity. He will also be asking every venue to match his donation. The charity involved is the Pink Caravan, a breast cancer awareness initiative, and you can find out more about on the following pages.

Greg loves his food, but he is already suffering from post-Christmas kilos and doesn’t want to put on any weight during this challenge. So much so that he started the challenge with a weigh-in on January 25. If on the day of the Fact Dining Awards he weighs more than his starting weight of 86.5kg, Greg is personally donating a further AED5000 to a local charity.

We talk to Greg below and find out how the 120 Venue Challenge experience is going so far. Greg updates everyone with images of every meal he eats on Twitter at @FactAwardsAD. Let the food odyssey commence!