Grand Hyatt Doha has partnered with locally-based Australian artist Pip Hoy to launch ‘The Corridor’ concept, offers a unique gallery space for Doha based artists who wish to exhibit their work to the local and visiting public. Here, FACT talks to Pip Hoy about what makes this space an innovation for budding artists in the city…

Pip Hoy

Hi Pip! Tell us more about the idea and inspiration behind The Corridor…

The idea behind The Corridor was to create a community-based space for local artists who wish to exhibit their work to Doha residents and international visitors alike. The idea dovetailed perfectly with the goals of the Hyatt Thrive initiative which aims to support the communities in which its businesses operate. The idea for the space was sparked by the team at Grand Hyatt Doha. As soon as the management team had confirmed their support for the initiative, the hotel asked if I would act as their Gallery Consultant to get the space up and running as a functioning gallery. Given that I had previously worked with the team at the Grand Hyatt Doha, we had already established a positive relationship. They are wonderful people with whom to work and I was very happy to contribute to their efforts in supporting the local art community.

Three things that The Corridor aims to achieve within the next year…

Firstly, to become recognised as a viable space in which local artists can choose to exhibit their work. Second, to become recognised as a viable space in which the public can visit the hotel to see the work of local artists. And three, to raise awareness for the Grand Hyatt’s charity of choice, Room to Read.

How can Doha-based artists benefit from having somewhere like The Corridor to showcase their work?

Whilst there is a great deal of creative activity occurring in Doha, there are very few options for local budding artists who are wanting to exhibit their work. The Corridor aims to fill that gap. In addition, art galleries can be scary and intimidating places for the novice artist. Having a space that is warm, welcoming and community-minded offers an attractive opportunity for those who are still finding their feet.

What are the requirements of an artist who wishes to exhibit their work at The Corridor?

For an artist who has never previously exhibited, I would highly recommend they research how to organise a successful exhibition. They should seek the support and knowledge of those who have gone before them. For those who have exhibited before, all that is required is a full body of work and a positive attitude. It is important to note that the Grand Hyatt Doha offers the space and some welcome support for opening night, however the hard work of bringing the exhibition together comes down to the artist. If an artist is ready to take on the responsibility (and the rewards) of exhibiting, then the next step is to contact the marketing team at the Grand Hyatt Doha, directly, to discuss timing and logistics.


What’s the best thing about being an artist in the GCC region?

For me as an Australian, I am super inspired by the local culture, the religious symbolism, the extraordinary natural environment and the exposure to a broad-based expatriate community. I believe the GCC is building its own unique art scene that is finding its place on the world stage. However, those at the peak require a mountain to stand on. And that mountain is only sustainable if it is built on a solid foundation of grassroots creative activities.

Your tips and advice for budding artists in Qatar who want to get their work out to the public…

• Believe in yourself. Listen to your intuition. Walk your path.
• Understand your artwork. Understand your market.
• Do the work. Don’t expect others to do the work for you.
• Find your tribe. Only work with people you like and can trust.
• Communicate. Reach out to your networks via all avenues available to you.
• Thank the people who support you. And thank them again.
• Celebrate your achievements but keep them in perspective.
• Enjoy the experience. Breathe.


GO: Visit or call 4448 1234 for more information.