Addicted to art, Bahraini artist Hussain Al Noaimi loves combining and experimenting with different techniques to produce one piece of art. Shabana Adam meets the man behind the brush to find out exactly what makes him a self-proclaimed Artoholic…

Being relatively new to the local art scene, Hussain Al Noaimi is making a mark with his originality and unique spin on artistic tools and methods. He works with mixed media art to create vibrant and interesting works that include pop culture legends like Charlie Chaplin and Bob Marley, as well as famous figures such as Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe and, much closer to home, the late great Bahraini singer, guitarist and organ player, Ali Bahar. Hussain’s work also presents striking images of glorious animals like the beloved falcon and horses. Let’s just say, he likes to keep things varied

“I perceive art as meditation,” Hussain tells us. “It’s the time I go into another world, where everything is full of colours and my path is like a blank canvas. And I am addicted to that serenity, that moment; hence why I proudly call myself an artoholic.

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“Each piece that I create comes from my vision and I need to be motivated to create,” he adds. “Sometimes my vision just pours onto the canvas and other times I need to bang my head against the wall, hypothetically speaking, just to bring my vision to life.”

On average, Hussain spends around a week on one piece. He loves experimenting and keeping an open mind to new artistic surprises. THIS is his technique and it’s something that gives Hussain’s work an intriguing authority. “It’s like being on the edge,” he says. “Sometimes I fall and other times new, unexpected possibilities of expression and technique become available to me. I love mixing three to four different techniques in one piece. I love the roughness of a collage and the finishing of the work with acrylics,” Hussain continues.


“My experimentation with wood transfer as an art form is my newest passion. There’s something very beautiful about the ruggedness of wood as a form of art. I can transfer any photograph or picture on wood and create beautiful art.” Looking back, Hussain reminisce unleashing his passion for art and colours as a child, on a blank new wall that was built at his family home after renovations. “That wall became my first ever canvas,” he recalls. “I asked my dad if I could draw there – he agreed – and that was that. “For many years, my creation became the focal point in the sitting area. Everyone who came home loved my art and that encouraged me to go to art classes after school,” he says.

Hussain drifted from his artistic talent for a while, and it was only when he decided to take a leap of faith and leave his full time job, to concentrate on his own business, that the arts found a way back into his life. He explains: “My business of a unique gift gallery in Budaiya gave me the chance to travel a lot to Far East. And that’s when I rekindled my romance with the arts. I visited numerous art galleries that inspired me to pick up my paint brush and create something new.” As an artist in Bahrain, Hussain admits that the biggest challenge is reaching a bigger, international market. However, he recognises that through many initiatives and events like ArtBahrain, local artists are getting the support and exposure that they deserve.


Hussain’s inspiration comes from various international artists as well as unrecognised young local artists that he’s met on his travels. He says: “Every artist has his own style. I make an extra effort to remain constantly open to new possibilities and innovative methods. This way I give new creative processes the opportunity to carry me forward.” And where can you go to get up close with Hussain’s work? “My home in Saar is open for all who love art and would like to see what I do,” he says. “It’s a place where my work is easily available for purchase, right from the comfort of my home. And it’s open for everyone to come and share my passion.” For upcoming artists or anyone with an appetite for art, Hussain advises: “Don’t be afraid of experimenting. Sometimes  you will fail, but from all failures you will learn. Don’t give up, and follow your passion.” Spoken like a true artoholic.

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