The current exhibition on display at InTouch Gallery presents something a little different and fun for the arts community, as a father and son duo are showcasing their work side by side. FACT caught up with dad Kamal Abdullah Ali Al Abdulla to learn more about his family’s artistic interests . . .

Curated by Stafford and Sharabi art consultants, Father and Son presents the work of Kamal Abdullah Ali Al Abdulla, and his 11-year-old son Yaqoob. Kamal is a Bahraini family man with two sons, and a very artistic family. His wife is an art teacher whilst his son Yaqoob, alongside himself, and even the family’s housekeeper, are artists. Kamal works in acrylic, mixed media and collage, whilst Yaqoob who is in 5th grade at Kanoo International School, loves drawing zombies and other things from his vivid imagination.

Hi Kamal! Tell us about your journey into art…?

I started in elementary school, specifically with the first exhibition that was held for G1 students who were requested to draw a picture about nature. For me, the attraction was something that is the absolute and infinite expression of the art; the ways through which the artist captures all that surrounds him, according to his personality and his own experience with reality.

The exhibition Father and Son is quite special as you’ll be showcasing your work alongside you son Yaqoob’s artistic creations too – how does this make you feel as a father and an artist?

I am incredibly pleased and this satisfaction is the result of achieving a rewarding goal with the substantial outcome which is the first dual exhibition in Bahrain presenting a father and son. A lot of emotion comes, also, from the interaction with the visitors. People with interest have showed and shared their impression and ability to relate with this collaborative concept. They understand that each piece of art work work represents an independent character and separate subjects, and bright colours characterised by joy.

Describe your artistic style for visitors coming to the exhibition…

Visitors to the exhibition can, I believe, automatically understand my style through
the variety of colours and materials used. They may recognise that my style contains the basic artistic schools of thought such as realism, modernity, and collage. Also, the show was synchronised with a short explanation for some of the pieces, so people can read more about the style here as well.

Describe Yaqoob’s work for us – has he shown preference towards one type of art?

Yaqoob has his own unique style covering different themes, and using a variety of
colours. He loves drawing alien characters and dinosaurs, and different subjects that express our reality through cartoon, and a more childlike-style of imaginary characters.

Were you Yaqoob’s introduction to art?

Yaqoob discovered his talent through my experience, where he was always surrounded by colours and art works, until his own unique, artistic talent took the lead. First, he imitated, and now he has a style of his own that sets him apart from others in a world of cartoon characters and vibrant colours.

Tell us about some of the tools and techniques that you use in your artworks?

In my work I use many different kinds of materials and colours such as acrylic and collage supplies, anything that can be used in a painting. I also use recycling materials.

What is it about art that is so appealing to both yourself and Yaqoob?

Through art you can express without restrictions or obstacles. An artist has the ability to express endlessly and infinitely through difficult times and their own reality. They can dive into the ambiguity through indirect philosophical expression with codes and shapes. I think Yaqoob’s style was a copy of mine but in a different way; a way that captures the childish character, and his characters and colours became his unique and distinctive signature.

Describe the experience of being able to share such a vivid and beautiful practice like the arts with your son…

My artistic experience with my son is the most beautiful thing ever. And through this exhibition, we are presenting something that is the first of its kind in Bahrain and the region; a collaboration between father and son in a special exhibition with completely different styles.

What’s your advice for young budding artists like Yaqoob?

I advise young artists to pay relentless attention and continuous follow up on everything new in the field, as the world of art is rapidly changing as a result of contemporary developments and innovation. It is also very important for young artist to receive special attention both in school and at home since artist can be quite sensitive; they must be supported and nurtured.


GO: Father and Son exhibition continues at InTouch Gallery, within the InTouch Integrated Chiropractic Spine Centre in Janabiya, throughout May. Call 1769 0100 or visit for more information