“In Marco Pierre White, the brand focus is steak, but the main attention is paid to the quality of the food we put on the plates.” – Chef Abhineet

Marco Pierre White is known for its supremely high quality and attention to detail, as well it should be, with such an illustrious name on the door. “In Marco Pierre White, the brand focus is steak, but the main attention is paid to the quality of the food we put on the plates,” Chef Abhineet explains. “We only use premium ingredients; we don’t compromise, because ultimately, the great taste of the food comes if you use the proper ingredients. Plus, we really focus on the service. As you can see, our outlet isn’t huge, but that helps us to give a personalised service to every diner, so a lower number of covers, but a higher level of service for each guest.”


The Great Steak Out promotion, which takes place every Wednesday, is a meatlover’s dream: Take one of Abu Dhabi’s most prestigious steak houses – a concept created by one of the world’s most acclaimed Michelin-starred chefs – and add an allyou- can-eat steak promotion for reasonable prices in which you can order as many of the premium cuts of meat as you want, and enjoy ALL the sides along with them.

You can choose between Angus Beef T-Bone, Black Angus Rib Eye, USDA Prime Striploin, and USDA Prime Rib Eye, and all are served with Italian veal sausage, delicious triple-cooked French fries, crispy Parmesan and herb onion rings, sautéed mushrooms, asparagus, baby carrots, sautéed spinach,potato and tomato confit. And if you finish your steak, you can order

BEFORE all of this, as you wait for your main, you’re presented with a delicious starter platter of Caesar salad lettuce cups, grilled vegetables, mini pizzas, mozzarella cheese and tomato, blue cheese and Wagyu salami.


The standard package is AED195, the normal ‘beverage’ package is AED250,
and the premium ‘beverage’ package is just AED325. It’s an absolute bargain. “The main thought process behind the promotion is to let our guests try as many of our menu items as possible,” Chef Abhineet explains. “If a guest comes on a normal evening, they might only have one starter, one steak, and one side, but on the Steak Out they can try many things, so when the promotion is finished, they’re keen to come back for more.” However, we hadn’t come for the standard steak package. We had come for… (drumroll)… The Great Tomahawk Challenge.

At the hotel’s insistence (with our offering only token resistance before “reluctantly” accepting), we made the attempt at this monstrous feat, which is just as epic as the name would suggest. To give you further indication as to how much so, you actually have to sign a waiver before attempting the challenge absolving the hotel of any liability. The words “personal injury or possible loss of life” feature in the document.

The challenge is a monstrous 1kg Charcoal Grilled Tomahawk, coming with all the
aforementioned sides, and a ONE LITRE beverage, all of which must be consumed within half an hour. Should you succeed, the AED650 bill will be waived by the hotel. Needless to say, we failed massively. Despite the fact that the bone alone weighs roughly 200g, that leaves an 800g steak with all the sides. Throw in the one litre of fluids, and you have a challenge that is nigh on impossible. Some have come close, but none have so far succeeded.


“The Tomahawk Challenge is really just a bit of fun, an entertaining element to the
evening,” Chef Abhineet tells us. “But noone has beaten the challenge yet!” Entertaining it truly is, as other diners can’t resist coming over to have a look, and have a bit of banter with the challenger. It creates quite a buzz in the restaurant, although none of the other diners, we have to say, dared to take the challenge themselves.

Whether you attempt to conquer the Tomahawk or not, the Great Steak Out on Wednesday nights is a great night out for meat lovers, so we recommend you try it out whilst it’s running!


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