This month’s FACT Finds is an artistic one and we’re in love! Meet Jassim Al Maqabi, a Bahraini artist whose current exhibition, Art is My Mirror of Life, is on display at InTouch Gallery, InTouch Integrated Chiropractic Spine Centre.

Born in Bahrain, in 1979, Jassim is a member of many arts and social societies, and is a founding member of Nltqi Lnrtqi group which participated in several national and international exhibitions and festivals including: Murals in the Northern Governorate (we are all partners in peace), Drawing the theme for Naqsh international festival for short films in Bahrain, The annual AlHussaini Art Exhibition, and both the Aldokhala festival and the dates festival in AlAhsaa, Saudi Arabia.

Jassim Al Maqabi – what is art?

Art is considered one of the most important cultural values used by societies to express beauty. Art works are models to express and understand the beauty that is achieved by the artist and their emotions. Art provides the best and most noble expression of one’s inner self, and their civilisation. It is also one of the most important factors for progressing cultural awareness, embedded in the depth of humanity. ✤

GO: Jassim Al Maqabi: Art is My Mirror of Life was curated by Stafford & Sharabi Art Consultants, and will be run at InTouch Gallery until the end of August. Visit or for more information.