Here are six of our favourite easy-to-use,worthwhile products for a summer beauty reboot, and perfect for a more relaxed and lazy makeup regime for the hot and humid months ahead…


1. Estee Lauder
Bronze Goddess Summer Glow

It’s summer and it’s all about your bronzing game. Capture the radiance of the sun for an endless solstice glow and keep up your tanning with the brand’s new bronzer. It will illuminate you with a healthy glow to achieve an enviable sun-kissed radiance.

Bronze Goddess, Estee Lauder2.Wow by Wojooh
Blush Up Cooling Color Stick

Get one these bad boys in your makeup bag! With a water-based gel formula lasting up to five hours, it offers smooth glideon- your-cheek cooling colour for a natural glow.
Make sure to apply on the highest points of your cheek and bridge of the nose for beautiful results.

Blush Up Cooling Color Stick in Papaya Popsicle, Wow by Wojooh

Lip Comfort Oil

Make your makeup routine an easy breezy one. This double-use product takes care
of your lips while providing vibrant colour. Formulated with nourishing, comforting
and soothing plant oils, this product is perfect for protecting your lips
from the sun.

Lip Comfort Oil, Clarins

4.Calvin Klein
Eternity Summer

Leave heavy scents behind and transport yourself to an exotic retreat where natural beauty blends with blissful tranquility. A scent with a cool and airy elegance, Eternity
Summer is ideal for days out and evenings in too! The must-have perfume for this heated season.

 Eternity Summer, Calvin Klein

Hair Sun Milky Oil

When a hat won’t do the trick and when you want to jump in the pool or sea, this is what you
need! Hit play in the sun without worrying about your locks. With
multi proteins protecting your hair from UV lights, apply generously before
sun exposure for better results.

Hair Sun Milky Oil, Nuxe6.Sephora
Head to Toe Hydrator

If you’re travelling, make sure to pack light and pack smart. This all-inone product should be
applied after showering. It’ll give you a smooth face, body, hands and hair
that will stay hydrated for longer. With glycerin and plant milk, kepp healthy
and rejuvenated for all your summer parties.

Head to Toe Hydrator, Sephora