Who doesn’t enjoy an evening out at a classy location with excellent food and first class service? We at FACT certainly do, so when we were invited to experience what the newly refurbished Wahm at W Doha Hotel & Residences has to offer, we happily accepted.

Upon entering this fine dining venue, we immediately noticed the changes to the décor. A sleek new look has been implemented, creating a feeling of ambience and class. We were seated in a booth, offering privacy from the popular bar area. We settled into our comfy seats with a beverage, completely unaware of how spoilt we were about to become. It wasn’t long before the friendly staff began to deliver the extensive range of pre-selected dishes to our table and the offerings were visually appealing to say the least. To begin, a portion of deep fried calamari. The twist to this favourite was the inclusion of chilli in the mayo dip, along with coriander and lemon. A tasty treat to start us off.

Soon, our presence was graced with both the tuna and salmon ceviche. The freshness of the produce was very apparent. With the cured tuna, cucumber, avocado and lime were included and with the Scottish salmon, lime, coriander and roasted nuts. We couldn’t decide on which one we preferred. Next up, the battered fish and chips. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the freshness of the fish was outstanding. Even after a solid battering, the scrumptious interior melted in the mouth. This combined with fries, soft in the middle and crispy on the outside, even the English couldn’t have done better. The Chimichurri! This had to be a favourite of ours. Robata grilled primed beef with cilantro and homemade guacamole. The meat was prepared to perfection and the inclusion of red chillies added a little bite to the already stimulating flavour.

Niçoise was to follow, seared tuna with green beans, tomato, olive and potato. The vegetables were bursting with flavour and the perfect cuts of tuna were a delight to the palate, yet another pleasing dish. At this point we were beginning to feel the fullness of our bellies, however Wahm was not done with us yet, further courses were to follow and whispers of dessert were already reaching our ears. For a change of pace we were to sample the spinach and gruyere quiche next. A softer and tastier quiche has never been served.

Paired with a green salad boasting both apples and grapes, this course was a table pleaser and kept us motivated for the two further pre-dessert dishes to come! To finish up the main course, both the Caprese flatbread and mini burgers were placed in front of us. One bite and we had no problem finishing both of these dishes off with real foodie gusto. Lastly, the dessert. As you well know, there’s a separate stomach in the human body which deals with dessert (or so we like to tell ourselves), so despite having consumed our bodyweight in food, we were still able to partake in the sweeter side of the menu. Both the W chocolate brownie and the cheese cake were selected and neither of them were anything less than divine. The ample-sized soft brownie was served with homemade vanilla ice cream and a generous helping of hot chocolate sauce. The cheesecake was completed with an exotic berry coulis and raspberry sorbet. Perfection!

By the time the last mouthful of dessert was spooned into our mouths, we were groaning at the sheer amount of deliciousness we’d consumed over the course of the evening. The new menu on offer at Wahm is well thought out and exceptionally tasty. We can’t wait to go back for seconds!

GO: Visit Wahm at the W Doha Hotel & Residences, West Bay. Call 4453 5323 for reservations and more information.