We’ve been inundated with openings of new venues in Bahrain and one of the latest places to catch our attention is Rauchi at Ramee Rose Hotel. Let’s take a trip to see what it’s all about…

When you’re in Juffair, the one thing you don’t have to worry about is food. There’s every type of cuisine for every budget available. From street food, to fast food, fine dining, and mid-range options, some of Bahrain’s best restaurants, lounges, franchises and more food choices are located there. Juffair really is your foodie oyster!


One thing that is lacking, however, is the option for Asian Fusion cuisine. That’s where Rauchi comes in. The beautiful mood-lit venue has a long open kitchen where live cooking can be witnessed. The interior blends dark browns and deep reds with gold accents on he ceiling and cool hanging light fixtures. It’s a simple yet thoughtful set up that is super inviting. We walk in on a weekday evening to find groups of friends and families gathered at the tables to savour the restaurant’s popular Asian-themed buffet. Immediately, we’re up and about, taking a walk around the spread, letting our nose guide us (the aromas and smells of different flavours is overwhelming – in a really good way!).


The Asian fusion menu at Rauchi will cater to the most evolved palate, as the chefs turn their ever-inventive hands to serve up an impressive dining experience. This buffet night is a very good glimpse and taste of that. It features tasty starters like mini samosas and spring rolls; hearty mains like coconut cream-infused curries, rice and noodles; and a dessert station made up of fresh fruit and other small sweet treats. We were treated to dishes off the a la carte menu too. First up we dig into the flavourful starters; Wok-Tossed Squid Rings; Salt and Pepper Prawns; and Chicken Satay. The squid rings are beautifully-crisp and make for a great sharing starter. It’s the fresh, giant prawns that have us in awe, especially as the bed of chopped vegetables hey come on, elevates every bite of the juicy seafood. The chicken is enveloped with a delightful peanut butter taste – we love it!

From the mains, the biggest standouts had to be the Stir Fried Crispy Duck; the Singapore Laksa and the Snow Peas and Bean Sprout with Cashew Nut in Chilli Bean Sauce. Let’s talk about the duck – it’s perfectly crisp and super tasty, especially with the liplicking sauce. The laksa is like a bowl of all the things that we love about Asian food. There’s a hint of soy, coconut, lime and some spices – it’s easily one of the best dishes we’ve tried in a long time. Chinese flavours shine through in the Snow Peas and Bean Sprout dish, with the Chinese cupboard essential of Chilli Bean really packing a punch with every bite.

Dessert is also a fantastic fusion mix. The Ruby Water Chestnut in Coconut Milk as well as the Banana Toffee with fried Spinach Ice Cream is unlike anything we’ve ever tasted before, and probably two dishes for more adventurous eaters. We loved the textures and, surprisingly, the spinach ice cream was not only innovative, but also tasted amazing! If all else fails, go for the Death by Chocolate – it is what it says and is reliably chocolatey – bringing our Asian fusion feast to a sweet end. With our bellies full, there was already talk of our next visit to Rauchi!

GO: Visit Rauchi at Ramee Rose Hotel, Juffair. Call 1761 6167 for reservations and more information.