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Mark your love from new heights at the thrilling Via Ferrata (iron path) – the highest of its kind in the entire Middle East! Alila Jabal Akhdar, which lies 2,000 meters above sea-level in the Al Hajar mountain range of Oman, has drawn on its dramatic surroundings to offer guests the chance to see the region with several new trails for exploration ranging from scenic treks to high energy exploits through a Via-Ferrata – protected climbing route.

Offering different experiences at Level 2 and Level 5, this is perfect for adventure seekers and especially for couples who want some excitement this Valentine’s Day. These treks were built according to international standards and all guides/instructors are Omanis.


Alila Jabal Akhdar - The Alila Experience - Via Ferrata

Adrenaline junkies will love the Via Ferrata Cave Affair. After completing a short trek, guests will cross an exposed 20-metre high rope, walking over a cave mouth, traversing along the side of the canyon and ascending into a steep gully. The adrenaline-pumping route is interspersed with gentle hiking through the wild olive trees and mountain greenery. It is led by expert guides who share stories of the local region whilst assisting with the climb. Finally, the hike winds its way back up the mountain so guests can spend the rest of the stay enjoying the hotel’s stunning views from their own private balcony. The new Via Ferrata Cave Affair Experience starts from OMR 35++ / US$ 90++ per person for a 2-hour experience. It is level 5 and requires a degree of fitness.


Alila Jabal Akhdar - Cliff

Guests still wanting to enjoy the spectacular views from the Via-Ferrata without the hair-raising heights of the Cave Experience will love this 90-minute trek. After the initial steep decline down the mountain face, guests will follow a path which gradually leads down into the wadi, passing through some of the most spectacular mountainous scenery. Here discover Al Khutaymi, a hidden village within a cave in the wadi floor. After trekking for a further 15-minutes, guests will have the chance to enjoy a refreshing dip in a stunning pool, in the Green Mountains, before hiking back to the hotel for some well-deserved R&R. The new Adventure Trek Experience starts from OMR 30++ / US$ 78++ per person for a 1.5-hour experience. It is level 2 and requires some level of fitness. ✤

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