With the unique motto ‘injecting the spirit o f the island into our everyday lives,’ Trader Vic’s has been blessing us with delicious Polynesian cuisine for decades now. The restaurant’s dishes have been given a presentation overhaul so, naturally, the FACT team had to go and see (taste) them all! Aanchal Duggal takes on the culinary journey

Welcoming us with a grand colonial entranceway, Trader Vic’s is adorned with wooden columns and stunning Polynesian artifacts, transporting us to a world of bars, beaches and beautiful island vibes. Deeply-rooted in the traditions of the island, Trader Vic’s presents to us an incredibly relaxed and colourful environment that’s perfect for more than just lunch or dinner, but for catching up with your loved ones over casual sips and bites. Offering a divine mix of Polynesianinspired international cuisine, the restaurant nails its world-famous concept down to a tee. Its distinctive unrivalled flavours have been wooing taste buds for many years, and the moment we heard about the complete revamping of the presentation of their dishes, we knew we just had to go along and savour it all.

Digging into Trader Vic’s’ much-loved Island Tidbits, we were off to a good start. Served with their signature Canton Catsup and hot Mandarin Mustard, the lipsmacking assortment of Crab Rangoon, Crispy Prawns, Jalapeno Cheese Balls and Chicken Wings is absolute heaven on a plate! While everything on the platter had us craving for more, it was the Jalapeno Cheese Balls and Crab Rangoon that were fought over! The The fresh coriander topped with a crunchy coating, whilst the latter was packed with a medley of fresh crab meat and creamz cheese encased in a crispy wonton for added taste and texture.

The Beef Cho Cho, steak skewers in soy sake sauce, deserve a special mention too. Finished on a flaming hibachi, which added an interactive element into the mix, the beef was incredibly juicy and packed with a ton of flavour. Another massive standout was the Duck Salad – prepared tableside, with everything about this less-than-average salad was a plate from the food Gods. The duck was gorgeously-crisp whilst the greens provided the perfect crunch.Alongside this, it was the Hawaiian Ahi Poke with Ahi Tuna, Soy Chili Marinade, Avocado and Crisp Taro Chips that blew us away. Casually presented on a bed of ice, the preparation is tableside and the freshness of this starter is a complete culinary dream. Our next dish, BBQ Scottish Salmon with Chimichuri Sauce, Parsnip Puree and Assorted Vegetables, was straight out of the wood-fired oven. Slowly cooked to perfection over a hardwood fire, the salmon was done just right with the smokiness beautifully contrasting the delicately succulent texture. A lighter and healthier option for anyone keeping an eye on their diet! Next up is a Trader Vic’s classic; Spicy Chilli Hammour with capsicums, onions, carrots, Thai chillies and Spicy Sauce served with steam rice. Coming to the table in a large, round and white deep dish, the presentation is clean yet super tempting. Giving a zesty twist to the beloved fish, this favourite is bursting with a tantalising combination of flavours without being overly spicy.

After a fulfilling sesh of comfort eating, our tummies were full to the brim. But when it comes to dessert, there’s always room for more! While the idea of sweet indulgence always has our spoons at the ready, we were so not prepared for what was to come. The Chocolate Volcano; Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream had us oohing and aahing till the very last spoonful. Trader Vic’s understands the importance of a visually appealing dish that has your attention way before the first bite. The revamped new concept sees some of your favourites being prepared right at your table and presented in big, clean plating that makes for a more colourful and inviting appeal. Not to mention, the new and innovative lifestyle-conscious menu is every healthy diner’s dream. Celebrating friendly Polynesian traditions, Trader Vic’s relaxing ambiance, decadent food and to-die-for cocktails are the only getaway you need right now.