Continuing to bring us some of the best culinary happenings in the city, Emirates Palace will welcome Michelin Star Chef Carlos Gaytan to wow diners with spectacular Mexican food this month.

If there’s one thing that you should know about Mexican cuisine, it’s that every dish is packed with character and flavour. Far from just the regular tacos, burritos, and recognised street food, Mexican fare is creative, varied and much more nuanced than most people know. It’s colourful, bold, and fun, a literal party in your mouth from the first bite to the last spoonful. So, what better place to get your foodie fix than Sayad restaurant at Emirates Palace, with dishes created by Mexico’s very own first Michelin star chef? Sign us up, please! Ready to take diners on a flavourful tour of one of the world’s most misunderstood cuisines, Chef Carlos Gaytan will be on our shores to display all that is great and delicious in Mexican cooking. Chef Carlos is an inspiring success working his way up through the ranks of the Chicago dining scene over the last two decades. He started from the dishwasher and pantry cook and went all the way up to Michelin starred restaurateur.

His restaurant Mexique presents the bold flavours of his native Mexico prepared with the finesse characteristic of his French training. “I love traditional Mexican cuisine, but there’s always room for improvement,” he says. In his improbable Mexican-French melding, Chef Carlos pairs a traditional herbcrusted rack of lamb with lamb-shoulder barbacoa tucked into a sope and enhances roasted duck breast and leg confit with a tamarind-chipotle glaze. How incredibly bliss does that sound? His food was considered spectacular enough to earn Mexique a Michelin star in 2013 – only the third Mexican restaurant in America so honoured. That same year, Chef Carlos was asked to join the cast of the = famous TV programme Top Chef, and his star ascended nationally and internationally as he made it to the semi-final phase. He then went on to participate in Master Chef South Africa in 2015.

As comfortable onscreen as he is in Mexique’s open kitchen, Chef Carlos is a consummate entertainer and provides dinner and a cooking show daily for diners lucky enough to secure a table in his restaurant. The one-of-a-kind food special at Sayad restaurant will run from September 16 to 21, giving diners the chance to delve into Mexican cuisine through a five or seven-course meal and a la carte menus prepared by the chef himself, whose visit coincides with Mexican National Day on September 19. We’ll see you there.