It’s no secret that Nomad Urban Eatery in Seef has become one of the best go-to places for reliable, tasty food. With attention to detail and a healthy, wholesome approach to casual dining, this stunning venue has been thrilling guests since it opened. FACT sent Ally Mac to check out exactly what it is that makes Nomad Urban Eatery a holy grail for gastronomes…


Nomad Urban Eatery is a fascinating restaurant where exciting food, contemporary design-led interiors and a warm atmosphere come together. Attention to detail is everywhere you look, with homely accents to gaze at and carefully thought-out lighting which illuminates each table well. The food draws on global influences and seasonal ingredients to create stylish artisan dishes and I for one could not wait to sample the different plates. I instantly fell in love with the variety of choices and was overly pleased to be served a selection from the menu. The meal began with an array of nibbles. Chilli and lime edamame and a portion of garlic and herb butter bread balls. The first is a pairing made in heaven whilst the bread rolls were served with a side of melted butter which was poured by the waiter, and lived up to all of our foodie expectations. The Poke Salad Bowl is the perfect combo of sushi and salad dining. With brown rice, papaya and sesame lime dressing, spicy mayo and keta (on the side to free pour as you like), this is a refreshing dish that both healthy eaters and indulgent fans will appreciate. The poke bowls are originally from Hawaii and are full of fresh fish and colorful toppings. The bowl was presented beautifully and the overall taste was beautiful. I’ve not said this in a very long time, but I could truly and genuinely eat this poke bowl goodness EVERY DAY.

The Steamed Bao Bun is another quick addicion. I tried the smoked beef short rib with bbq sauce and red chilli and the soft shell crab with green papaya salad, chilli and lime mayo. Both were melt in your mouth delicious. The taste is something you MUST experience for yourself – and a complete sensory treat for the taste buds. Next up was the Smoked Nomad Burger with cheese and a side of fries! This is hands down the best beef burger I have eaten in Bahrain, as the meat is perfectly cooked and the flavour excellent. I had never tried a Quinoa Falafel Burger, but it’s a pleasantly delightful combo! A side of crispy kale chips and hot sauce was prettily presented on a wooden board. It was just the right amount of crispiness with oodles of bursting flavours – a fabulous option for vegetarians. The Baked Mediterranean Hammour was divine! Served like a gift, wrapped up in black cous cous, mussels, kalamata olives, roasted tomato with cumin and dill! WHAT.A.DISH. We finished it off with
real gusto .

The finale was a duo of sweet treats! Russian honey cake and Tiramisu. The Russian cake was a definite wow on striking appearance and on taste. Paper thin layers of pastry and cream filling, the textures of each element exactly as they should be, this is a really accomplished dessert. The tiramisu transported me back to Italy within seconds. Mascarpone cream, soaked coffee sponge and dark chocolate shavings… incredibly indulgent. It was so nice to see a restaurant aiming high on culinary ambition. The food is without doubt the reason to come. It’s delicious, creative and well put together. The service was excellent, the staff attentive and friendly the standard top-notch throughout. Next dinner plan – you need to choose Nomad!