The Marriott Marquis City Centre Doha should come as no great revelation if you live in Qatar. The two twin towers that stand at one end of the City Centre mall and tower over West Bay are a prominent feature of the capital’s skyline. I stepped inside to find what lies within one of the most popular and prominent hotel addresses for a weekend staycation. The Marriott is vast. The lobby is longer and wider than a subway platform. You’re immediately greeted by a half a dozen staff tending to your every need from taking your luggage, to handing you water to assisting you with checking in. Their watchword is speed. I stayed in the north tower on the thirty-fifth floor and you won’t be surprised to read that my view was not obscured by anything. I woke up to the sea view as the sun rose over the Persian Gulf.

I could look down at the bustling streets below and the chaotic city centre mall and feel shrouded in an oasis of peace and are doing simplicity, Whe the business in the city or just treating yourself to some five-star pampering, this hotel will serve you well. It boasts an Olympic sized outdoor pool that is popular at the weekend with families but largely your own the rest of the time to either lie flat in the temperature controlled water or perfect your one minute mile! The crisp cool water was the perfect antidote to the searing summer temperatures.

Their spa is modern and very elegantly designed. On the same level as the pool area but discretely hidden away, you can while away a couple of hours away being pampered with a relaxing body scrub or give those tense muscles some attention with a deep tissue massage. My masseur tailored everything to my needs, easing the pressure when the way out to a high maintenance mall. The cinema and food court is just inside the Marriott’s side door so you haven’t got far if you’re on the hunt for entertainment.

Saying that, I would avoid the food court because you’ve got more than enough options inside the hotel. You’ll not get hungry staying here as I quickly learned. I had dinner at Ipanema which is their answer to a Brazilian churrascaria (or barbecue). While a few portraits of Copacabana beach may not instantly make you feel like you’re at carnival in Brazil, the food fortunately does transport you there. To add some fun, there is a place mat which is red one side and green the other. If you’re mat is red-side up it means you want a break or you’ve had enough but if you leave it green-side up, it means, bring it on, I want some more. I tucked into their buffet of healthy salads and a vast range of seafood to start off before the fun got going and a raft of waiters hurriedly ran riot with different cuts of meat on skewers ready to carve some slivers for me. I most certainly got my fill. All meat is freshly imported, the chef told me and it’s sourced far and wide for the best possible quality.

Breakfast is taken care of in Crossroads which is their mainstay restaurant which is a large and impressive buffet with international options from Europe, America, India and the Middle East plus the staff will cook items to order like their mean ‘omelette of the day’ which they managed to fit a little of everything possible into! The award-winning New York Steakhouse is located at this property as is the Italian restaurant, Cucina, both of which I’ve tried and highly recommend. Quickbites on the lobby level is ideally suited to grabbing a quick snack and coffee if you’re having a snappy business meeting. And sports lovers will easily veer to Champions, a bar that aims to show every sport being aired on television at any given moment, or at least it feels that way.