Saturday brunches are fast establishing themselves as a concept in Doha and they’re popping up as a cheaper more relaxed alternative to the big all-out extravaganzas of Friday afternoons. FACT sent Craig Ferriman to see if one of the city’s weekend choices lives up to the hype – enter the Saturdaze Brunch at Wahm, W Doha Hotel & Residences.

In budget conscious times, a brunch can be quite an expense. That’s why a brunch that gets the family or a bunch of friends together at the weekend and provides the key ingredients to a good time, without blowing the bank balance, is a very welcome thing. This is EXACTLY what we found at the beautiful Wahm in W Doha Hotel & Residences. The W Doha is known for its modern, yet decadent vibe with a sense of urban chic. It’s also home to three of my favourite restaurants and the fabulous W Café, but it’s in the perhaps most unlikely location that their Saturday Brunch is getting people talking. I’m, of course, referring to Wahm – the poolside lounge with outdoor terrace.

Most nights, a DJ is dropping some serious beats and the very stylish and sophisticated descend on this venue to dance and chill. I have to confess that walking into this venue at 12 noon and not 12 midnight was a first, albeit a refreshing change to see it in the daylight and still a very inviting vibe. It felt right!

There are three simple parts to this brunch. Eat, sip and dip! Priced at QR210 for unlimited food without selected sips and QR275 for food with selected beverages, you are offered a W standard of hospitality at a very competitive price. There are popup food stations parked around the terrace like a fairground offering different options. There was a stand which served up freshlycooked chicken tandoori and besides it was a kebab and burger station – ideal for our carnivorous cravings.

Another stall offered up meat and seafood that could be freshly prepared to order and brought over to you when ready – delicious. I started with the shawarma counter where a lamb shawarma was rustled up while I watched and I also got a tasty beef pizza for round one. If that sounds meat heavy, fear not. For the health conscious guests, there’s one food station packed with colourful vegetables like corn, beets and more. The drinks station did many elaborate things with fruit keeping everyone reliably refreshed throughout  the afternoon. I understood the eat and the sip part – and did the two pretty well – but the dip bit had me curious!

This is a wellpriced, high quality and informal outdoor brunch that is absolutely worth a try. It doesn’t run in the summer when it’s too darn hot so make the most of it while the weather is gorgeous.

The posey pool looks very inviting however, with it being December, I can’t say I saw anyone popping in for a splash to work up an appetite or cool off after the eating and the sipping. As the temperature slides up again in the next few months, I can quite see the potential for some late afternoon lounging both in the pool and in the comfy, cosy cabanas dotted around it. A lot of people tell me that after a hard week stuck indoors in the sterile confines of an office, they want to let loose, feel a little breeze and enjoy being outdoors. I quite agree with them and this Saturday Brunch does an excellent job of blending both the culinary and the relaxation needs of diners.

This is a well-priced, high quality and informal outdoor brunch that is absolutely worth a try. It doesn’t run in the summer when it’s too darn hot so make the most of it while the weather is gorgeous.