Belgian Café has claimed our hearts and stomach as the perfect backdrop to a girly get-together in Doha.

The Intercontinental Doha City hosts a fine array of eateries and fine dining establishments. The luxuriant decor throughout the hotel oozes sophistication and style . As we walked into The Belgian Café we had extremely high expectations as it boasts the finest of Flemish and Belgian cuisine, drinks to match any palate and a continental European vibe. What we found was exactly this and so much more. The dark wooden bar, colonial style chairs and polished mahogany tables transport you to a time when everything operated at a slower pace, when men would never step out  without a jacket and tie and vessels steamed their way to colonies. We took a glimpse outside and the stunning view of the Arabian Gulf did nothing to dispel this image.

The atmosphere inside was electric and expectant. Clearly people flock here as an alternative to the usual Friday brunches and themed buffets. Our hosts were very attentive but not suffocating and despite the fact that the café was already bustling at 3pm on a Friday the service was flawless. I would challenge anyone, no matter how particular or discerning, to find fault with the variety and quality of the menu. Steak tartare and Foie Gras rub shoulders with traditional battered fish and frites , crisp , luscious salads and indulgent seafood sharing platters.

In addition the hosts offer drinks to match each dish ranging from traditional Belgian hops to perfectly balanced artisanal fruit concoctions. I could barely contain my delight when I discovered that I had ordered triplets, served up in dainty copper mugs. The foie gras, steak tartare and battered fish were a tall act to follow. Moules Frites with an indulgent cream sauce served in a traditional cast iron pot had all of the haughty arrogance necessary to hold it’s own amidst the other delights on the menu. Lauren and Tom, two of the resident musicians had just begun their set as we put down our cutlery. They elevate the mood but maintained the chilled vibe before handing the baton to DJ Sai who appears from Thursday to Saturday.

I always believe in saving the best tantalising titbit of information for last. We all agreed that this has to be the bread. Crusty, unctuous continental classics. In order to find out why the presentation is so special you must pay The Belgian Café a visit. My lips are sealed. The Belgian Café is an example of timeless continental class striking a note with old and young, families and friends alike. Smakelijk! Enjoy!