There is never any shortage of sport in this life but there is perhaps a shortage of places to watch it. LaLiga Lounge at Sheraton Hotel Park seeks to bridge that gap by offering the market a new option for sports lovers to enjoy big matches with excellent food to accompany, as Craig Ferriman finds out.

LaLiga Lounge has an ideal location; situated in Hotel Park outside the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel, the venue boasts four levels of underground parking next to it so it’s easy to get to and easy to park when you get there.  I must have counted a dozen screens in this place. Though there is predominance towards Football, we also encountered an NFL game and I’m sure that’s not the only exception, but it is predominantly English Premier league and European league and international fixtures that will get pride of place on the screens. If there is a champions league match on, then this is the hot new place to catch it.

The other innovative aspect to this outlet is the fact that it is not just a sports bar but a family-friendly venue. The kids can come along too and you can safely deposit them in the kids’ area which had lots of games and a cage where informal Footie and penalty shoot-outs are set up. “Big kids” can also veg out on quieter nights when big matches aren’t on by utilising the games zone which has games consoles set up for guests to use. There are private function spaces too if you’re holding a party.

The food is not what you would expect. If you think sports cafe, you might think burger, fries and basic finger food and you wouldn’t be wrong in those assumptions but their menu is a little fancier that that. If you like a seriously big burger while you watch the game.  the Hamburgusea Futbol club is a must but be warned – it’s not for the faint hearted or the weak of appetite! It was so big that it had to be cut in two as I just couldn’t fit it in my mouth. To say it had two grilled beef patties, cheese, onions, lettuce, and tomato with barbecue sauce does not imply it was as big as it was, but, oh my, it was (not that we’re complaining!).

The thing is, LaLiga’s menu is much more sophisticated than just standard fare. It has a very Mediterranean vibe with a Spanish emphasis courtesy of its highly skilled chef, Juan Ramon Sobero. The paella is perhaps a surprising signature dish but is gorgeously cooked and a wholesome and healthy way to accompany watching a match. It has the advantage, I would say, of being good for sharing too. Juan has prepared two signature paellas, one has roast squid and clams with black ink. The other is a saffron and shellfish paella which combines prawns, mussels and clams. In true Meditteranran style, there are hot and cold mezze dishes to choose from with distinct flare. The salads are healthy and delicious – well worth it if you’re especially health conscious and there’s a decent choice of seafood and meats that can be char-grilled in the Josper grill.

There is also a merchandise shop at the side that sells football strips, caps and other memorabilia including some signed balls from top players who have visited LaLiga Lounge. It’s quite the sport lover’s paradise and the foodie’s dream!