Transforming into the Cup Headquarters for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Champions Sports Bar at Marriott Marquis City Centre Doha will be one of the most buzzing hubs for football fans and avid supporters to gather on match days. FACT’s Craig Ferriman gets a sneak peek into the special menu created for this cheerful global sporting event…


It only falls every four years but when it does, you can’t avoid it. The 2018 FIFA World Cup is almost upon us and you don’t have to be in Russia to get your fill of the action. Doha is making this a tournament that can be enjoyed by everyone. A truly social occasion. There’s no need to check your TV package or try to sneak round to a friend’s place to catch the matches you want to see. Our beloved Qatari capital has it covered and the place that claims to have more of it than anywhere else is Champions – the sports bar at the Marriott Marquis City Centre Doha.


Champions boasts 47 LCD TVs and two giant screens which will show all matches across the month for an unforgettable summer of football. To make it extra special, Champions have gone to great lengths to make every aspect memorable. The chef has redesigned the menu for a more celebratory crowd to enjoy during the World Cup. In addition to that, they are offering themed food every day. The bar snacks will correspond to the countries that are playing on any given day – pretty cool, right?

For example on June 27, South Korea take on Germany in their group stage match. While watching the game on the big screen, Chef Nicholas will be serving affordably priced themed food from both competing nations. You can expect delicious kimbap rolls from South Korea and representing Germany, you can look forward to tucking into juicy meatballs called frikadellen. Sounds yummy! Argentina is playing its opening game on June 16. You’ll have to get down that day because they’ll be serving pinchos con carne and chimichurri sauce. It’s so delicious, it’s addictive. Somewhat hoping Argentina progress to the quarter finals if that dish is anything to go by!

Costa Rica commence their battle for the trophy the next day and you can watch their progress while tucking into the yucks with pick de gallo. We were told that this is a twist on a traditional  and popular Costa Rican snack. Egypt starts their campaign on June 19 and so you can anticipate traditional goulash. The slightly odd one for me is the Australian offering which is crispy calamari. I thought that would be synonomous with Greece but after some research, Champions discovered that it is rather a popular bar snack down under.  There are culinary treats a-plenty this World Cup and more than enough screens to make sure you’re getting a fantastic view of all the on-pitch action. Miss it and you’ll have to wait four years for the next World Cup. Where is that being held again?