1. Effat

    Good day
    I hope you find this e-mail well. My name is Effat and I am the PR person for Shaikh Ibrahim center for research and culture. We are hosting an Exhibition for Princess Wijdan under the title of “Transparencies to paper and glass” Oct the 8th at 6pm in Bin Matar house located in Muharaq. Please find in the above attachment the invitation.

    We would also be part of your event listing and be featured in your magazine as we will be hosting more than one exhibition and event in our center. Please let me know if there can be any sort of collaboration and what are the procedures required .

    Please feel free to contact me for more information


  2. Hi Will,

    Quick Introduction: My name is Nikhil Hemnani. I work in Century textiles in Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre with my family, we are creating a new venture in the online market. A new company/startup is a textile/fabric e-commerce website that delivers fabrics all around UAE. Here’s a link: . I’m a big fan of the magazine.

    We are in the process of launching our website. We are looking to market our website to your viewers and readers. I believe we can reach a good group of individuals within Abu Dhabi through your platform and this article could have good content value.

    So we were thinking if you guys would like to interview us about how our company started and what our companies missions/goals are…etc. I think it can be in the Fashion and Beauty tab. I think we are providing a unique and cost efficient service within UAE and, one day hopefully, internationally.

    We are removing the need to drive to complex shopping malls and helping people avoid the haggling over prices in the current souks a.k.a fabric markets. Using our site, people will only click a few buttons to decide what they to want to purchase and where it should be delivered (all from the comfort of their homes).

    If you wanted to meet us and talk to us, we are demo-ing our website tomorrow at Mushrif Park from 12pm till 10pm. We have teamed up with WIAD bazaar (Women in Abu Dhabi) to display our website to our soon-to-be customers attending tomorrow.

    Let us know if you guys need anything from us, and if this is possible, we really appreciate the help and support.



    • Fact Team

      Thank you for your email, could you please send your interest to our editor

      Thank you.

  3. Zaina


    May I know who the editor in chief is for “Fact” Magazine and their email address?

  4. I am a Senior Fashion Designer & Illustrator in Bahrain. I have recently established a very useful Fashion Design Resource Portal especially for Fashion Geeks and Designers.

    I would like to advertise in the magazine as well, a one page ad. To reach to potential customers, to increase Brand Awareness and also would like to teach some CAD Skills to Fashion Students and Fashion Professionals, who would be interested in learning Fashion Sketches on computers using Adobe Illustrator.

    Please advise who to reach and how to

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