Kia Motors demand attention with their latest offering, solidifying themselves as contenders in the premium sedan segment.


Although it may seem like Kia Motors have only been around for a relatively short period of time, in truth, the South Korean based automobile manufacturers have been producing cars since 1973. Their offerings may have begun as simple, safe and value packed vehicles, however they have advanced their creations to a standard that can comfortably compete with other premium sedans in their segment. The all-new 2018 Kia Stinger is a prime example of just how far Kia’s ingenuity and style have evolved.

Designed in Frankfurt and developed on the Nürburgring, the precision German influence on the Stinger is obvious in both appearance and performance. This GT 4 Dr Sedan with a lift back feature claims to have high performance abilities on the road and comes complete with extraordinary safety features. With all that in mind, we at fact were most excited to see what this new brand of automobile had to offer.

Upon our initial outer body inspection, it was immediately obvious this car’s design is performance orientated and out right stylish. From front on, the corporate Kia tiger nose grille demands attention as its broad shoulders hint at the power hidden underneath its shapely hood. The design and positioning of the attractive LED headlights add to its authoritative appearance, whilst functional front vents not only contribute towards its sporty presence, but add value through the cooling of the breaks, forming an air curtain. Shifting our attention to the sides, the existence of further functional air vents confirmed the intentions of the designers to ensure this car is equipped for maximum performance. The sweeping lines of the body flow effortlessly from front to back highlighting the length of the vehicle. It is noticeably longer than its closest competitors such as the BMW 4 Series and Audi A5. The Stinger comes with 18” wheels complete with Brembo dual calliper disc brakes, providing both safety and control. The rear boasts an integrated spoiler, adding to the sportiness of the car and we were most impressed by the design of the quad outlet exhaust system.

Slipping inside the cabin revealed to us just how low the Stinger sits. It was immediately obvious the cabin is both driver focussed and stylish. The materials used all appeared to be high quality and expensive. GT badges embroidered in the headrests add a touch of class and it was obvious the imminent drive was to be a comfortable one. The layout is one of functionality and convenience, with everything seeming to sit exactly where it is most accessible. There is enough storage space to satisfy everyday requirements and cup holders are present for your convenience. The infotainment system is not overly complicated and we had no problem navigating through its features which include a simple backup camera and parking assist. Due to the extra length of the vehicle, there is ample leg room in the back for three adults to sit comfortably. The boot offers 23 cubic feet of space, expanding to 40 cubic feet when the back seats are laid down.

But how does she drive?

As we pulled out of the parking area onto the tarmac, it was immediately obvious we were in for a treat. The meaty sounding 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 Lambda II engine was begging to be set free, promising a ride of wonders if we would only press down on the accelerator. The steering wheel felt perfect as we began to unleash the Stinger‘s 356 horsepower on the tarmac. Our bodies were pinned to the seats which seemed to hug us in a comforting embrace as we tested the ability of the car to go from 0 -100 kph in just 4.9 seconds. It was not a flase boast as we quickly found ourselves tapping at the breaks to reduce our speed. The autonomous breaking system proved very responsive and gave us the assurance of complete control over the experience.

The 8-speed Steptronic Gearbox performed its duties perfectly, seemlessly flowing through the gears. The handling felt precise and the grip on offer was ample to ensure a smooth and exciting drive. By the time we arrived back at Bin Hindi Motors, we had no doubt Kia are now solid competitors in the premium sedan market and are set to surprise many avid car enthusiast looking for a novel driving experience.