With supermarket deliveries throughout the UAE backed up weeks in advance, we run down several homegrown alternatives for ordering those grocery essentials.


Delivered fresh from the farm to the kitchen, Kibsons have become a key player on the UAE delivery scene thanks to their speedy delivery of fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry products. With a brand ethos that aims to make ‘healthy eating easy’ the Kibsons experience favours convenience and affordability and promises no hormones, no additives and no artificial preservatives in their products. With free same-day delivery, this is one to try when you require fresh food in a hurry.

GO: Visit https://www.kibsons.com for more information.


Perfect for that at home BBQ or if you’re after some premium fresh meat. Springbok Butchery pride themselves on delivering the finest Australian grass-fed beef and lamb products along with locally accredited chicken. All products are free of artificial pesticides, fertilisers, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs and other synthetic contaminants. With summer on the way, we have our eye on the BBQ packs that offer a selection of steaks, sausages and burgers. There’s also a full range of KETO products.

GO: Visit https://springbokbutchery.com for more information.


Have you been eating your five a day while staying at home? Thankfully, Fruitful Day is here to help with their range of subscription boxes and fruit platters. All fruit boxes contain servings of fresh in-season and wherever possible, in-region fruit that has been washed, individually bagged and handled carefully to ensure it maintains freshness all the way to your doorstep.

GO: Visit https://fruitfulday.com for more information.


If you are looking for organic fruits and vegetables delivered directly to your door, then look no further than Emirate Bio Farm. Located in Al Ain, they are the largest private organic farm in the UAE and specialise in the production of natural foods with considerable nutritional benefits, while caring for the environment. The range of products also includes eggs, milk, spices, bread, nuts, grains, pulses and seeds. Delivery is free on all orders over AED 200 and visits to the farm itself can also be arranged, inclusive of a tractor ride.

GO: Visit https://www.emiratesbiofarm.com for more information.


The name Barakat translates as ‘prosperity’ in Arabic and this online shop focuses on fresh fruits and vegetables. Ordering is relatively simple and same-day delivery is offered on all orders placed before 10am. Better still are the range of fresh juices, salads and ice creams that can be ordered. We’ve got our eyes on the colourful beetroot berry ice pops.

GO: Visit https://barakatfresh.ae for more information.


Created with a simple philosophy that ‘only the best is good enough’, MAXZI The Good Food Shop is dedicated to providing wholesome yet affordable food. The shopping process has been designed to be enjoyable and straightforward, resembling a local market thanks to a carefully selected range of products that includes an artisanal charcuterie, speciality coffee and ready to cook kits. Definitely one for those in search of more obscure ingredients such as purple corn and aji amarillo.

GO: Visit https://www.maxzi.ae for more information.


Biobox looks to promote a lifestyle of wholesome food and quality, fresh produce from sustainable and organic sources while making intelligent choices to help our planet at the same time. Working closely with over 50 authentic ecological farms and suppliers from Europe and the Middle East, BioBox offers a range of fruits, vegetables, fridge and pantry products on its simple to navigate website. With special sections for organic products and bestsellers, its never been easier to kick-start your healthy eating habit.

GO: Visit https://www.biobox.ae for more information.


Your one-stop-shop for all-things-meat in the UAE, CarniStore will overwhelm your taste buds while sending you into meat-sweat overload with the simple click of a button. Shop for more than just fresh meats with several cooked, vacuum-packed products from the smokehouse, or indulge in a selection of marinades and bespoke rubs. For the ultimate meat feast, we’d suggest ordering a CarniBox.

GO: Visit https://carnistore.com for more information.


Dubai’s number 1 office fruit box delivery company aims to energise the workforce with a range of fruit boxes, cakes and corporate gifts. Now available for home delivery too, the selection of fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks is hand-selected and sorted with extra care to ensure you only receive the best quality products every time.

GO: Visit http://thefruitboxme.com for more information.


Select a ready-made box or customise your own farmbox and receive the freshest assortment produce available on the market. With ready-made boxes you will get to try new produce in season and only receive the best of what’s in stock, or when you customise your box, you will receive the exact items you need. With recurring delivery options and the option to adjust your order up until the day before delivery, Farmbox puts convenience first.

GO: Visit https://farmbox.ae for more information.