FACT spent a day in the 2023 B70S, a surprisingly exciting affair that has forever altered our view of the Chinese automotive industry.

Bestune is an automotive marque owed by Chinese automaker, First Auto Works (FAW) Group. Officially launched in 2006, this up-andcoming brand is developing a solid international reputation for producing high-quality vehicles complete with novel features.

Even though there are many impressive cars being produced in China these days, vehicles from this region have a lingering reputation for being of a lower calibre than their Western or Asian counterparts. FACT can now confidently confirm that this outdated perspective has been completely debunked with the introduction of the Bestune B70S. This month, thanks to the team at Al Haddad International Motors, we spent time in the 2023 Bestune B70S, a novel and informative experience.


As a crossover between the B70 saloon and the T99, the prominent exterior design of this compact coupe SUV has a distinctive sporty character to it, one that entices you to get out onto the road.

The front end of the vehicle comes complete with a beast claw aerodynamic kit, giving it an aggressive and futuristic look. The sleek nature of this small SUV is complemented by its sporty front lip and eye-catching, Dagger-axe type 2.0 split lights, that sit proudly on either side of the grille.

The confident lines flow along the flanks, further emphasising the modern design, whilst large side mirrors and built-in roof racks add to the functional nature of the vehicle.

At the back end, two sporty exhaust pipes and a complex, flying buttress design rear spoiler, further emphasise the athletic nature of this inviting crossover. A novel light bar adds yet another fashionable touch, finishing off an already impressive exterior with a flourish.


Slipping inside the all-new B70S, the heavy thuds of the doors closing behind us, reconfirmed the quality of the car’s build and its materials. We were welcomed by a racing-grade interior, complete with comfortable front seats, that were low-set and offered plenty of support. Further adding to the car’s sporty flavour is the flat-bottomed steering wheel that not only feels great in hand, but houses controls for various in-car functions.

The cabin felt even larger than it looked from the outside, meaning plenty of head and shoulder room for all passengers. The spacious nature of the interior is complemented by the inclusion of quality materials throughout, along with a 440-litre storage area. This capacity can be greatly increased with the rear seating folded flat. This area is accessed via an electric-powered tailgate. These features all add to the functional character and family-orientated design of this crossover.

Infotainment & Technology

The cockpit of the stylish B70S looks both luxurious and hightech. The display features dual 12.3-inch LCD screens, one for the instrument panel, and one for the infotainment system. Additionally, there is an eight-inch semi-touch screen, dedicated to operating the air conditioning, in the centre control panel. The centre control screen features an impressive built-in Bestune D-LIFE 5.2 system, that supports functions including voice control and car navigation, along with vehicle health butler – a vehicle health monitoring system. All these screens are of an exceptional quality, sporting clear graphics and a user-friendly interface. Further advanced technologies include intelligent key, and 360-degree panoramic images.


The 2023 models come with two engine options. A 170hp, 1.5-litre turbo, coupled with a seven-speed DCT, and our test model, a 2.0-litre turbo, coupled with a six-speed automated manual transmission. Both these options are front-wheel drive. There is also talk of a plug-in hybrid version (PHEV) in the works.

Our 2.0-litre provided nothing less than an exceptional on-road performance. The acceleration of this crossover was unexpected, powering from 0-100km/h in seven seconds flat. Not bad for a compact SUV. When we shifted the car into ‘S mode’ it felt as if we had been fired out of a cannon, and we could have effortlessly reached the top speed of 230km/h.

“The Bestune B70S has proven itself to be a worthy competitor in the compact SUV segment and is definitely worth the consideration of anyone looking to purchase a quality SUV.”


Safety wise, the 2023 B70S not only provides excellent stability and control, but includes eight safety systems and 23 active safety technologies that have been integrated into its double E circular body. Safety features include level-two automatic driving assistance, lane departure warning, traffic jam assist, fully automated parking and more. Furthermore, this SUV is equipped with FAW’s latest FEEA2.0 electrical architecture, that considerably improves the car’s intelligent connection, safety systems and overall driving experience.

Our Verdict

The Bestune B70S has proven itself to be a worthy competitor in the compact SUV segment and is definitely worth the consideration of anyone looking to purchase a quality SUV. ✤