A one-of-a-kind, intimate micro-fest is coming to the island courtesy of The Social Animal, an arts and music-led events initiative.

Celebrating our inherent need to create and connect, Bahrainborn The Social Animal is hosting the first edition of its microfest series titled Firefly, on November 18. The social experience brand aims to contribute to the live entertainment scene of the Kingdom through events that are immersive and driven by original art and expression.

Firefly will be an intimate gathering replete with live music, performances and interactive sessions, food and drinks and, above all, the opportunity to connect with fellow social animals. Starting as a chilled-out sundowner, the event will progress into a lively sonic kaleidoscope, featuring some of the Kingdom’s most exciting electronic music acts. Expect a chill vibe, where you can relax and just be, enjoy good music, immerse yourself in art or geek-out discussing your favourite genre of music or whatever else you may like.

Adding a layer of mystery is the micro-fest’s venue, which is a surprise and will be revealed to ticket holders 24 to 48 hours prior to the event.

The line-up:

Ahmed Zainal (QWRK, Ed Buzzerk, Slim Fit Tea) is a versatile Bahraini electronic music producer who has been delving into the underbelly of the Bahraini music scene for over 20 years. He has performed at MDL Beast Soundstorm 2021 in Riyadh, Boiler Room in Bahrain (2021) and Bahrain Jazz Fest (Jazz X Machina).

Khalil Rasool as Enokitakee promises a wild adventure of sound that resets the heart and expands the mind bringing to light a rare collection of music from around the world curated over five years.

Native Tourists: Sumit Sharma and Fadal Nazir join forces to form this electrifying outfit that combines their varied musical backgrounds to deliver a unique sound packed with energy and nuance. Guitarist Khalil Qureshi accompanies them on some tracks.

Ryan James has been a native of Bahrain’s alternative music scene for over a decade, having participated in numerous projects, playing music in a variety of genres. His alter ego, Mr. James, dives into the electronic sphere, spinning unique sounds influenced by music styles such as dub, synthwave and glitch.

ORO, the electronic music project by Joshua Jonathan Pandit, will showcase a special set of house jazz, promising big sound and big fun!

Apart from the live music acts, Firefly also features an immersive performance art experience called the House of Oracle, in which Tanita Still explores and embodies the mystery of the oracle through movement and sound. There will also be micro interactive sessions called The Alternative Invasion, hosted by Riccardo Dotti, which will explore the evolution of music and artists through the 1970s to 2000s, into more sophisticated music subgenres, such as post-punk, indie rock and trip hop. ✤