This Ramadan, the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain has created the Full Moon Box— an Iftar bundle for the whole family to pick up and enjoy in the comfort of your own home. FACT’s Elanur Sengel and her loved ones take a seat for a spread that goes beyond expectations…

It’s almost iftar time, the time for which I have waited all day long (but with my joy). I get excited walking into The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain to pick up the Full Moon Takeaway Box, for this is a one-of-a-kind Iftar treat that I have never experienced before. Two waiters come along carrying together a big, heavy box, and all I think to myself is: Wow— that’s for four people? I am sure this box could feed more people, but, hey, I’m not complaining!

Back home, me and my loved ones set the table unpacking all the traditional favourites in our Full Moon Box. As the clock strikes 6:07pm, we are breaking our fast with a Majhool date, just the way it should be done. And then the deliciousness begins. We are looking at a variety covering everything from cold and hot mezzes, like the smoothest chickpea hummous, avocado fattoush with pomegranate, and dolma, to mouthwatering mains that have our taste buds dancing; there’s lamb ouzi, beef kofta, and more. So much more.

We seriously don’t know where to begin and where to continue, and I believe we will also have trouble figuring out where to stop. It’s just too good!

I start with what’s straight in front of me and that’s the roasted eggplant mutabal with walnuts – smooth as butter and best with the fresh pita bread it comes with. Before I am able to reach out to some other delicacies, my companion has already put a juicy piece of lamb chop on my plate – “Try THIS” – they say – to which I happily obliged and tucked in.

Those melt-in-your-mouth tender lamb chops are grilled to perfection. The flavoursome spinach fatayer also just hits my palate right, but the highlights for us are the famous beef harees (savoury beef and wheat porridge with caramelised onions and mushrooms) and the perfectly-made lamb ouzi (slow-cooked lamb, and roasted nuts and raisins served over rice). Another focal point of our Iftar with The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain is the wonderfully succulent chicken shish tawook — the marinade here was exceptional.

The lentil soup tastes home-cooked and makes the whole experience extra hearty. Luscious Mediterranean olives, assorted Arabic cheese, and grilled tomato, onion, and eggplant also come with the Full Moon Box to really cover all our Ramadan cravings. For dessert, the very delectable saffron cheesecake has us all singing our mmmhhs and aaahs, alongside other Arabic sweets like Um Ali and fresh fruits. So, how was our Ramadan tasting with The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain? — a delicious success to say the least.

Their innovative Iftar takeaway menu is available all throughout the month of Ramadan with the Full Moon Box coming in a new combination every week – keeping things exciting for your tummies. If you’re only two people waiting for the sun to set, know that there is also the option to go for a Half Moon Box, which is again fuller than it claims but ideal for a more intimate feast.

The stc Full Moon Feast for four – large (22 items) is BD90 and small (15 items) is BD70. The stc Half Moon Feast for two – large (22 items) for BD45 and small (15 items) is BD35.✤