A Journey Of Artistic Exploration

Explore the creative world of contemporary art at Al Riwaq Art Space with their latest exhibition, engaging/circumstance, which promises a truly unique and enriching experience.

Get a glimpse into the mindset of an artist as Al Riwaq Art Space showcase the culminating works of their ‘Application 003’ Art Residency programme. The ongoing exhibition, titled engaging/circumstance, will run until July 18 at their premises in Gufool.

The exhibit will feature the exploratory artworks of seven distinguished artists: Waheeda Malullah, Virginie Dreyer, Aziz Jamal, Shaden Al Mutlaq, Hayat Hasan, Ahmed Al Kuwaiti and Ahmed Al Asad. The theme, Engaging with Circumstance, means facing and accepting the dynamic of a situation. The collection of installations invites viewers to immerse into the multi-layered stories that each artist presents. Through their thought-provoking pieces, these artists challenge us to confront and embrace the realities of our diverse cultures, values, upbringing and personal histories. This offers a profound insight and reflects the complexities and richness of our shared existence, urging us to acknowledge and accept circumstances as they are, rather than as we wish them to be.

Application 003 was an intensive 12-week residency, which took a critical approach to art making, research and production. The participating artists engaged in a rigorous process that combined mentorship, collaborative projects and individual artistic exploration. They had access to a variety of learning opportunities, including workshops, talks and courses.

These sessions facilitated research into contemporary art and explored constructive critique. The artists benefited from both formal and informal group discussions, where they shared ideas and received feedback. The residency not only helped them to advance their careers and broaden their horizons but also fostered a sense of community and shared experiences.

With support from Al Riwaq, the programme also provided individual studio spaces in their residency studio compound, enabling the artists to focus on research, discussion, project development and production. Al Riwaq is open from Saturday to Thursday, 10am to 3pm and 8pm to 11pm. ✤