FACT arrived at The Westin City Centre Bahrain with a ravenous appetite and left with a full heart and stomach after devouring everything in sight at Furn Bistro & Bakery’s Saturday Brunch.

Furn Bistro & Bakery is the flagship restaurant within the sumptuous and stylish The Westin City Centre Bahrain. Chef Raafat Nemeh has devised a menu which showcases high end Khaleeji cuisine. Dishes such as Saloona and Ghoozi are served with a cutting-edge slant. The bakery churns our expertly crafted Sambusek and Manakish in abundance, whilst also paying homage to pastry staples such as croissants and strudel. Naturally we were eagerly anticipating what delights the Saturday Brunch would have in store for us.

The décor perfectly suits the ethos and vision at Furn which is modern, understated sophistication but with a classic undertone. The simple hues of cream and blue upholstery blended with light wooden finishes reflect the tones of the scenery around the hotel, just as the menu reflects the cultural heritage of the region both past and present.

As we began to explore the variety of stations the thing which immediately struck us was the staggering value that this brunch offers, especially at the astounding rate of BD 8 net per person for the variety of dishes offered. Perhaps one of the most unique things about brunch is that it is so easy to eat healthily without trying to. The salad station was vibrant and inviting. A rainbow of enticing options including beetroot, crisp fresh leaves in an array of colours, pulses and beans enhancing the most simply dressed traditional Arabic, Mediterranean and Asian salads. They are an excellent accompaniment to the hot and cold starters and main courses.

The presentation is thoughtful and adds an additional element to the experience. As we were reaching to reveal each dish it was with a sense of anticipation of the feast for all the senses that each one offered. Beautiful biryanis which were bejewelled with vibrant spices, nuts and pomegranate pearls, tantalising tagines with liberal helpings of plump fruit and luxuriant sauces and the piece de resistance, the shawarma station with its tower of tender, delicately spiced and seared meat. The fact that complex Indian curries and Arabic staples become somewhat of an afterthought tells you just how high the quality and quantity is.

Furn doesn’t neglect those with more traditional tastes or those wanting to explore European and Asian cuisine. Samosas, pillowy, herb covered focaccia and pizzas offered an equally tasty alternative to the traditional dishes. As Furn is also a renowned bakery you may wish to pay a visit simply for the selection of breads, bakes and pastries. Every manner of boule, bun, roll, flatbread and pita awaits you, still warm as they are fresh from the oven. The flaky croissant and pastry selection are a reminder that the chefs here are real craftsmen.

Dessert here at Furn is the most fantastic finale to this exploration of taste and flavour. We stood looking in awe at the cheese cabinet which would not be out of place in one of the chic delicatessens on the Champs Elysee. This could very easily have provided a meal in its own right and expanded our knowledge of the plethora of fromage to formaggio. Sweet toothed diners are not neglected either. Velvety chocolate tartes, delicate madeleines and glazed tortes will ensure you over indulge before departing. An array of delicious morsels skewered and waiting to be submerged in the chocolate fondue were a real highlight of the experience but in reality, this was one of very many!

Furn Saturday Brunch is served from 12.30pm to 4pm and it is not just the great value that will have us coming back for more, but also the phenomenal quality and the superb level of service. The experience was not that of a typical lunch but more a superb restaurant showcasing its stand out dishes and homages to classic favourites. ✤