A Meaty Euphoria!

Lawson Misquitta indulged in a phenomenal fare at the Royal Golf Club’s impressive Steak Night.

Nestled in Riffa Views is the Kingdom’s premium destination for golf and hospitality – the Royal Golf Club. It would be amiss not to note that this wonderful property very recently achieved a significant milestone by hosting the prestigious DP World Tour (Bahrain Championship) at its spectacular 18-hole championship course. Though I’d love to try my hand at the sport, even if just for the excuse to walk around the meticulously manicured greens, my visit on this particular evening leaned more towards an experience a bit less active but nevertheless still quite exciting on the gastronomic front.

Located on the mezzanine floor of the Club House is Links, one of Royal Golf Club’s main dining destinations that hosts a fantastic Steak Night every Wednesday.

As my dining companions and I stepped into the restaurant, we were soon welcomed by the warm and friendly greetings from the staff members who helped guide us to our seats. Washed in a soothing golden light, the décor here is sleek and stylish with a touch of elegance that creates a very pleasant and charming ambience. On one side is the wonderful cocktail bar as well as the kitchen and the other is an expanse of glass from floor to ceiling that provides guests with arguably one of the best views from any restaurant on the island, courtesy of the stunningly beautiful golf course on display.

While we perused the menu and made our choices from the specially curated Steak Night menu, our kind server brought us a complimentary bread platter along with accompanying spreads. Among them, the warm and soft mini-cheese-buns were surprisingly enjoyable.

From the appetiser section, we first opted for the Beetroot, Feta and Rocket Salad to swiftly kick things off. Bite-sized oven roasted beetroot chunks and sunflower seeds lay delicately spread over a bed of fresh rocket leaves and frisée lettuce, all tossed in a vibrantly zesty orange Dijon cider vinegar dressing. I must note that roasting the beetroot truly does give it the best texture and effectively brings out its natural sweetness which is elegantly juxtaposed against the sharp and intense feta.

Next came the Prawn Cocktail, here each prawn was perfectly blanched and doused in a creamy Marie Rose sauce. That was soon followed by the Crispy Calamari which was a big hit at our table. Slices of baby squid, often attributed with a more tender and better taste compared to their larger counterparts, are covered in tempura batter and deep fried to golden-brown perfection. Every deliciously crunchy bite was further enhanced when combined with the accompanying delectable, sweet-chilli and soy sauce dips.

As we finished our appetisers, the waitress served us a round of mocktails prepared by the talented bar staff. From a refreshing Watermelon Cooler to the citrusy Lemon Mint and the aromatic Pineapple Ginger concoction, every sip was satisfyingly refreshing.

Then it came time for the mains! We were truly impressed with the high-quality cuts available on the menu as the well-informed servers helped us make the perfect choice from the superb selection. First to arrive at our table was the Certified Angus Beef Espetada Sirloin. Espetada is the Portuguese term for food that’s cooked on skewers and originally hails from the island of Madeira, Portugal. Tender uniform cubes of juicy beef are rubbed with a mild mix of herbs and spices, skewered with bell peppers and onions and chargrilled to perfection. Served spectacularly on a skewer hung vertically from a hook, the presentation itself made a notable impression and was improved upon once we got to devouring it. Beefy, succulent and full of flavour, it was served along with a side of roast potatoes, greens and grilled mushrooms. Every bite was impressively delicious.

Next up was a terrific Scottish Salmon Steak, seasoned with spices and garlic and grilled to an impeccable delicate texture. Every buttery, flaky bite rejoiced on our palates and required no additional accoutrements or adornments.

Finally, an exquisitely large wooden platter carrying a hearty chunk of Certified Angus Beef rib-eye, an accompaniment of sauces and a sizzling hot stone, announced the arrival of our final main course. The hot stone served a dual purpose of creating a rousing spectacle at the table and, more importantly, letting us perfectly sear the meat to the ideal temperature as per our preference, while sealing in all those delicious juices. We very much enjoyed cutting sections of our generously marbled steak with plenty of flavourful fat and giving it a quick sizzling sear before pleasurably relishing every mouth-watering forkful. Immensely satisfying!

Bringing our delightful dining experience to its conclusion with dessert was the Choco Lovers Cake – a decadent serving of chocolate cake served with salted caramel, hazelnuts and a luscious accompaniment of mango sorbet that perfectly cut through the richness. We also tried the Royal Gulf Pleasure, which was a lip-smacking serving of vanilla cheesecake that genuinely hit the spot!

Looking for a relaxed yet memorable restaurant with outstanding food and excellent service? Then, the Steak Night at the Royal Golf Club is truly not one to miss! ✤