Adventure On!

Switch gears and turn your usual travel into something extraordinary – take a chance and go adventure!

Travelling to new destinations and seeing the world is a wonderful experience that will always remain, however sometimes without realising, we end up falling into patterns and doing the exact same things regardless of where we go. Every once in a while, it makes a big difference to switch things around and try something new. A novel and interesting experience to consider is adventure travel.

When adventure travelling you still get to see more of the world, participate in cultural exchange while interacting with locals and also spend more time outdoors in nature taking part in activities that test your physical limits. Create a lifetime’s worth of amazingly unique memories that also make great stories to share at parties. Check out these truly distinctive adventures waiting for you!


Located in western South America, the beautiful country of Peru is home to some of the most diverse landscapes in the world from the arid plains of the Pacific coastal region to the stunning Andes Mountains, the sprawling Amazon rainforest and more. Additionally, Peru is also well recognised for its rich and diverse cultural attractions that are worth exploring by themselves.

Our adventure pick: Trekking to Machu Picchu – the most famous icon of the Inca Empire that holds an undeniable fascination for many travellers. Situated more than 2,400 metres above sea level in the Andes, the famous site stretches over 8km and features more than 3,000 stone steps that link its many different levels.
Adventurers can set their base in Cusco and from there opt to do the five-day or longer trek along the entire 41.8-kilometre-long Inca trail to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and then to Machu Picchu. Experience a remarkable journey through a landscape that’s steeped in rich history, dotted with villages, ruins and spectacular natural beauty that will surely leave you speechless. This is a trek you must make!


When planning a vacation, it’s not unusual to find Italy sneaking its way onto any list. It offers so much from the famed architecture and unique culture to world-class art, the latest fashions, exceptional food and so much more. But as you move away from the cities, you’ll soon find there’s no shortage of beautiful landscapes to explore from rolling hills to deep valleys and rugged coastlines that perfectly lend themselves to more action-packed activities.

Our adventure pick: An exhilarating mountain biking trip through the charming Tuscany region that’s abundantly packed with the very best of Italy. Travellers can decide on joining a small-group tour with itineraries for several days that are carefully designed by professional local guides. Kick off your adventure in Florence, the capital of Tuscany, and voyage towards the Chianti Classico region, passing Siena and the pretty hill town of Montalcino.
Then continue cross-country riding from the wonderful Massa Marrittima to the Mediterranean coast as you soak in the stunning landscapes and sea views. Also, make timely stops to thoroughly indulge in the excellent seafood and other local fare, as well as visiting popular grape tasting venues.


Bonaire, a Dutch administered island in the southern Caribbean just off the coast of Venezuela, is widely considered among the best destinations in the world for underwater adventures. A pioneer in coral conservation it also possesses the world’s first Blue Destination Certification (a highly regarded eco-label that’s bestowed on locations focused on being more sustainable and socially responsible).

Our adventure pick: An exceptional destination for snorkelling and scuba diving, aquatic adventurers are in for a treat as Bonaire boasts over 85 dive sites with most accessible from shore. Rich in marine life, the reef-lined island has plenty of spots that are suitable for everybody from beginners to advanced divers. Delve into the fascinating world beneath the waves and get lost in the kaleidoscope of vibrant colours showcased by the diverse collection of more than 55 species of coral and 350-plus fish species. Some of the famous shore dives for beginners include Bari Reef, Windsock, Ol’ Blue and Alice in Wonderland. Post a revitalising underwater session, unwind and relax on sandy beaches and enjoy the wonderful local hospitality at various restaurants and other spots.