Al Noor’s Splendour

It’s one of the most popular Ramadan Tents in town, with a grand buffet made up of all the local and regional favourites, and exciting Ramadan activities for guests. FACT went to get a sneak preview of Al Noor Tent at Elite Resort & Spa…

Every year in Bahrain, you’ll see families, friends, colleagues and corporate partners, and all those looking to enjoy the true spirit of Ramadan, gather at Elite Resort & Spa’s now famous Al Noor Ramadan Tent. It’s a beautiful setting, with an elegant and welcoming atmosphere that boasts a capacity of up to 500 people and an extravagant buffet that will not disappoint. This year, you can expect a great selection of Arabic dishes, including all the classic hot and cold mezze, such as creamy hummous, fresh tabbouleh and fattoush, tasty falafel and so much more, alongside Bahraini and regional-style specialities like the mouthwatering ouzi (our favourite dish on the buffet), which is served in a huge, round, silver dish, capable of serving a crowd of diners. Then there’s machboos and succulent grills too, for all those with an appetite! There’s also going to be a fusion of continental and Indian food, giving visitors nothing but variety when it comes to Iftar and Ghabga.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then get ready to indulge. Al Noor’s culinary team will be setting up two dedicated stations, one for around 20 different delectable desserts and another for 15 types of Arabic sweets. On top of this, there’s going to be a Date display with more than 12 kinds of dates, alongside dried fruits, nuts and sugar candy. How yummy does that sound? We were curious to know exactly how much prep goes into making this food feast every day. Chef Redha and Chef Anthony, the main duo behind the culinary team for Al Noor, tell us that the preparation of the buffet starts at least six hours beforehand. We also like the fact that although the food served at Al Noor is abundant; the chefs take great care in not overindulging by making copious amounts. They order quality meat, and depending on reservations and walk-in covers, they control the cooking so that there’s enough fresh and delicious fare for diners to enjoy and less wastage!

The chefs are eager for us to know that they like to play with the tastes but still keep the dishes recognisable. One addition to the buffet for 2016, which was a huge hit last year as well, is going to be the sushi – we can’t wait to tuck in! During our sneak preview of the Ramadan food, some of the standouts included the chicken and rice, the kousa mahshi (stuffed zucchini), the meat kibbeh, the crispy falafel, and the sweet treats. The dates were some of the best we’ve had, and will make for the perfect choice to break your fast and replenish your energy levels.

Al Noor tent is divided into two parts, smoking and non-smoking. A henna artist will be present alongside an Arabic band playing traditional music on the Oud (during Ghabga) and TV screens showing all the popular Ramadan sitcoms, making this the ideal place for family Iftars, corporate Ghabgas and all other Ramadan celebrations. It’s a great value-for-money experience at just BD9.9++ for Iftar; inclusive of food and Ramadan juices. Children aged six to 12-years-old pay half price. Ghabga is BD12.5++ (from 8pm to 2am) and shisha is available too. Suhoor is BD5.5++, with kids under 12-years-old dining for free. For what you get, and the memories made, Al Noor presents a truly fantastic choice for Ramadan dining.


GO: Call 1731 3333 for reservations and more information.