All That Jazz!

ODN restaurant is set to become the ultimate destination for music lovers in Bahrain throughout June, presenting live performances from renowned artists and a unique culinary experience.

This month, ODN is collaborating with the Bahrain Jazz Festival to offer an exciting series of live performances featuring jazz, blues, funk and classic 80s’ hits.

With an eclectic mix of musical performances, ODN’s June schedule boasts an impressive line-up of world-class artists. Renowned blues artist, Chady Nachef from Beirut, will enthral audiences with his soulful tunes on June 6, as Chady and The Band take the stage to play the best of blues and jazz.

Colombian vocalist, Alejandra, will perform every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at The ODN Live Sessions, while the energetic DJ Zoot Suit Riot will play alongside the ODN band every Friday at the restaurant’s Crazy Friday Brunches. DJ Jay, known for his masterful 80s’ and 90s’ mashups, promises to keep the energy high with his varied mixes.

International music producer, Walid Al Massih, has masterfully curated music for this exceptional lineup of events, ensuring each performance is of the highest calibre, offering a diverse and exciting musical experience for all attendees.

But the magic doesn’t end there. Walid has also engineered a special food menu inspired by the music, featuring culinary delights that perfectly complement the performances and enhance the overall experience.

ODN is rapidly becoming a hub for live music in Bahrain. With stellar acts and meticulous attention to detail, the restaurant promises unforgettable musical and dining experiences. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary celebration of music, food and culture this June. ✤