What’s on the smartphone agenda for June?

Zombies, Run!

Want to make running fun? This might be the app for you. Run through the streets of your neighbourhood while you’re chased by zombies. This exercise and game app combines the excitement of gaming and the positives of fitness. With the slogan ‘Run in the real world, Become a hero in another’, you are given specific missions and tasks as you navigate through the destruction of a zombie invasion. All you need to do is choose a story and set your mission. You can also play some background music and can adjust settings such as having zombies chase you to speed up. As you accomplish missions, you progress to another season. You can decide if you want your GPS tracked, your steps counted or your run timed, so you can view them later on as you accomplish mission after mission. Once you start your run, a script will be read, you’ll be faced with obstacles such as running from a helicopter crash or through a hoard of zombies. Missions include defending a home, saving a child or collecting and delivering materials.


This app is for anyone suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Activate the Rootd when you feel an attack coming on and find the comfort you need as soon as possible. Once you press the red button, you are asked whether you feel confident or don’t feel too good before you are guided through your attack. The app also offers information on the nature of anxiety and panic attacks to help users understand what happens to the body when you experience it and why the attacks might be happening to you. It also walks you through specific techniques and short-term lessons to help provide relief and practice calming exercises and breathing techniques. The award-winning and scientifically backed app additionally has long-term lessons to help users get to a place where they are panic attack free as they alter their relationship with anxiety. So, if you are someone who grapples with anxiety, maybe give this app a try.