What’s on the smartphone agenda for July?


Mint is a free budgeting and personal finance app, set to help you spend responsibly and save efficiently. It offers a digital space to give you an overview of all your financial assets and expenditures, from cash to credit to loans to investments, so you know where you need to save. Track your spending, detect fraud and keep a good eye on rising subscription costs. The app also helps you find the savings you’ve missed, so you can accumulate more without having to go through the hassle of analysing the numbers yourself. Improve on your spending habits as you create custom goals for yourself. If you want to save for a particular thing, such as a home or to vanquish a debt, Mint has got you covered and will help you get to those targets. View your monthly bills, set budgets and grow stronger money-saving skills with this personal accountant.


This app is like a personal library of interesting articles and reads, your own private corner of the web to spend time enriching your mind. Spot an interesting story? Save it on the app and read it whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if the webpage goes away, the story will still be there in the app waiting for you. Forget the hassle of sending yourself links and having 100+ tabs open on your smartphone or computer. Whenever you come across a long read, interview, article or even a recipe, save it on your personal Pocket library with just the touch of a button in your browser or in the app itself. You will also get recommendations based on your saved pieces as the app combs through the web to get the best articles for you. Tailor text sizes, font styles or viewing modes to make the experience suit your reading style, or you can even listen to articles if you’re too tired to strain your eyes. Place the articles in categories with curated tabs. Get the Premium version for some additional perks, including saving articles that have disappeared from the web, suggested tags, full-text search, unlimited highlights and premium fonts.