What’s on the smartphone agenda for August?


Basmo is a very cool and helpful accessory for anyone who wants to create a good habit of reading and improve their literary goals. Create a list of books you want to read, have read, are currently reading and have not yet finished, all on a digital shelf, and track your progress. Take notes and scribble ideas on the edges of a page, just like you would on a physical book, scan and highlight favourite passages or lines for you to remember or to send to friends, and record how you feel after reading each book, either with an emoji or some thoughts. Set a yearly goal and let Basmo help you lay out the steps to achieve it and maybe share your reading stats with others to get you even more motivated!


Thinking about starting your own podcast? Download Anchor on your phone, laptop or tablet to create, upload and monetise your very own episodes, whether they are audio or video files. Use the app to record, edit and upload content or import content you have already created to publish on the app. Create segments for your episodes and add transitions to stay organised. You can also invite other podcasters to collaborate with you and create an episode together. You can then design customised cover art to represent your podcast and distribute an unlimited number of episodes to the most popular listening apps, including Spotify, to increase your exposure with just one click, and unlock sponsorships or set up a subscription so you can earn money as your audience gets bigger and bigger. The app also offers specific advanced analytics and insights, including statistics on where your podcast is listened to most and listening numbers, to help you become more successful and attract more listeners.