What’s on the smartphone agenda for November?


Evernote is for anyone and everyone with a busy work schedule. The app gives you everything you need to keep your time organised and your priorities in check, with great note taking, project planning, and easy ways to find what you need when you need it due to powerful search capabilities. With Evernote, you can work anywhere as all your notes, tasks and schedules sync across all your devices. You can make your notes more useful by adding text, images, audio, scans, PDFs and documents. Gather your notes, tasks and schedules in one place to tick things off and turn to-do lists into things done. You can also add tasks within your notes and assign due dates, flags and reminders so you can be sure you won’t miss anything. The app is also useful when assigning tasks to others as you can track their progress and make sure your project is running smoothly. Additionally, the app allows you to scan important documents to keep them handy on all devices, as well as save web pages (without ads) and mark them with arrows, highlights and text.


Most of us have heard of Duolingo before, but the app has expanded so much in recent years with many new features. It offers fun and easy ways to learn an array of languages, the list of which has expanded to include Swahili, Zulu, Welsh, Esperanto, Hebrew, Haitian Creole and High Valerian – yes, the language developed by David J. Peterson for the HBO series, Game of Thrones. As you progress in the language of your choice, you earn points and unlock new levels while gaining real-world communication skills. Additionally, the app personlises your learning experience by tailoring the lessons to your pace and progress, so you don’t have to worry about reaching a level that might be too hard or wasting time with a level that might be too easy! The app’s friendly mascot, Duo the owl, sets reminders for you every so often to help keep you on track. Even if you do five minutes a day, you can learn so much. You can also opt to go for Super Duolingo, which is ad-free.