What’s on the smartphone agenda for November?


For many people across the globe meditation has taken an important role in their lives to destress and find tranquility in the real sense. Sound meditation plays an important role in finding that calmness while aligning the chakras. Soundworks provides a variety of modern sounds, all uniquely composed by professional artists electronically, without the traditional use of bells, gongs and whistles.

The honed sound palette of Soundworks aims to enhance the quality of daily meditation whilst combining electronic sound design and psychoacoustic research.

The app features a new sound daily along with courses, extended sessions and conversations. Courses are woven around artistic, scientific and philosophical topics and conversations, they include discussions on meditation, science, health and music with artists and scientists.

There’s a feature to add time at the end of the meditative sound to continue meditation in silence. There are also extended sounds for longer meditative sessions with an option to introduce interval sounds and breaks.

Toonita: Comics & Cartoon Photo Editor w Face Tune

Using the same sorts of photographs on your social media platform can be a little boring at times. So, to aesthetically uplift your feed, Toonita can be a good app to add elements of pop art and comics. It can animate your pictures with various photo and filter overlays. The app offers exciting photo retouch tools and meme creating options with an array of stickers and photo filters. It’s a cartoon maker app with options like face tuning, photo retouch, and speech bubble selections. You can create your photos in five easy stages: prepare, stylise, adjust, add stickers and filter. In prepare you can crop, rotate, clone and enhance. The stylise stage includes 20+ cartoon filters while the fun part is adding stickers: from animals to travel and space after adjusting the brightness, saturation, hue and highlights. In each stage, you have the option to adjust the strength of the applied transformation — opacity adjustment is a key here!