What’s on the smartphone agenda for December?

Dog Log

A pet is part of the family and it’s really important to keep track of your dog. DogLog is an easy-touse app that contributes to making pet ownership a lot less worrisome. You can keep an eye on your pet’s health. It also extends to features such as daily pet-related tasks, chip number, timings of feeding and walking the dog.

The app also includes a ton of features, advice, step-by-step tutorials, videos, interactive quizzes and more. And it allows you to form a group with fellow dog caretakers and set up reminders and alerts to help take care of your pet, including medication timings if needed. DogLog uses statistics and AI to get insights on the dog’s lifestyle and provides an option to export data directly to the vet.

The app is also great for dog walkers and pet sitting. The daily activity log, includes timings for food, treats, walk, pee, teeth brushing, grooming, training and medicine along with an option of custom reminders. If you have more than one pet at home, you can create multiple profiles and store all your vet records with vet appointments and reminders.


With so many photography and photo editing apps available, it is quite difficult to select one. But to shoot and edit with a single app can be a plus, instead of shooting the footage and then exporting it to the app separately.

ViewBug provides the option of taking footage in the app and then editing it with video editing tools. It also connects the user with other worldwide photographers and videographers giving a platform to view and share the work. Others can also comment and give you a positive feedback. Apart from its over-the-top editing tools and filters, it also hosts some of the best photography contests worldwide.

One of the best features of the app is its ability to zoom in the photo to full screen to observe and edit minute detailing, even in video frames. Also, when you’re on the discover page, looking at other people’s photography and work, the app gives an option to learn all the important things of the photograph you’re viewing such as equipment used, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, tags and location.