What’s on the smartphone agenda for January?

Adaptive Wallpaper Changer

If you quickly tire of your phone’s wallpaper, it can be annoying and time-consuming to keep changing it. You’ve got to have more important things to do than scanning endless wallpaper options. Avoid the hassle completely with Adaptive Wallpaper Changer automatically.

This app doesn’t just blindly switch wallpaper, it takes certain elements into account, including the weather, what time of the day it is, whether it’s day or night, light or dark.

Apart from that, you can create your own special days with events like birthdays and schedule it. Also, the app provides you an opportunity to create your own theme and switch between live and still wallpapers depending on the battery percentage of your phone. You can create a list of your favourite wallpapers for the app to cycle through, in order or random, and set when the wallpaper should be changed — when unlocked, shaken or at specific durations.

Seven Workout

Burn fat and build muscles with seven minutes’ workout a day. The app lists simple workouts, without equipment, at home. Of course, this is the minimum and you can switch and create your own sessions with durations of your choice and specific exercises for specific muscles. You can adjust your goals and the app can take you on a 30-day challenge, with the aim of working on your muscles, including abs, thighs, and even whole body.

After putting in your IMG and body monitoring details, the app itself suggests you some cardio and training workouts for minimum movement and metabolism. You can also set a specific time to workout every day and the app will automatically set a reminder on your phone coinciding with your training time.

There’s an entirely separate tab for warm-up in the app too and this is based on the exercises you will have to do during your session.