Artists and writers come together for another edition of Confluence at Harbour Gate.

Bahrain Writers’ Circle (BWC) is once again presenting the unique exhibition Confluence – Where Words and Images Meet in collaboration with Harbour Gate. Confluence features 19 teams of writers and artists who have come together to create works of art either inspired by words or art that has inspired words.

This year, the show’s patron is Mohamed Ali Shukri, the professional Bahraini life speaker and corporate culture expert and consultant. He is the first Arab to reach the World Championship of Public Speaking finals in 2006 in Washington D.C. and in August 2020 was recognised with the prestigious Accredited Speaker Award by Toastmasters International, making him the 88th person globally and the first in the Middle East to receive the award since its initiation in 1981.

“Words and colours come from one place: the heart. They just appear together, playfully, in different spaces and styles: articulate art, singing canvas, dancing poetry, and colourful writing. I am pleased to be part of Confluence, where poets and artists portray a magnificent masterpiece, celebrating art in the heart of Bahrain,” he says.

As last year, the Confluence brochure will be available for download on the BWC’s website: where you can access more information about the participants Saira Ranj, BWC Director says: “2021 sees the dawn of a whole new Confluence. The junction of two rivers creates a confluence and to host this exhibition yet again in Bahrain, a country between two seas, is no coincidence. Visual art powerfully interspersed with word art is what is showcased here, and it gives the onlooker a chance to really experience the perspectives of both. This time around, our members are collaborating with international artists across the globe – from the UAE to the USA. And it goes without saying, we are mighty thrilled to see how Bahrain and Harbour Gate in particular, our official venue since its inception, have consistently supported art and artists with such generosity.”

The exhibition is located on the second floor at Harbour Gate within Bahrain Financial Harbour and runs from October 2 to 14. Entry to the exhibition is free and all COVID-19 precautionary measures are being implemented for the safety of visitors. ✤